tried and failed to connect to the wifi at a local coffee shop, which had a non-ascii character in its ssid #linux

How many relationships would be saved if they just put the menu earlier in the drive-through line?

In Portuguese, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is "Programação Orientada a Objetos".
They really know. XD

I finally deleted my google account :blobdab:

I’ve had this account for well over 10 years and had everything there. When I became more privacy-aware I deleted a lot of stuff from it and migrated to other services but I was finally able to delete it for good :blobcat:

I’m happy and relieved!

#google #privacy #deletegoogle

The 25th of September it will be 10 years since, a woman I admire alot, Wangari Maathai passed away.

She founded the Green Belt Movement because she knew how impactful something as simple as planting forest was to poverty, peace and climate change.

Instead of speculating on energyheavy bitcoin, you could be investing in trees, mitigating climate change and poverty.

Wow. I came into the back room to put new batteries into the @H machines and update them. Seems the whole family joined me. - These two never hang out this close together. I'm going to have to make that shelf more cat friendly. - I had to move the one speaker off to the side, as it was getting pushed when Chinny was stretching.
The spot to the left of the keyboard is a spot both gNibbles, and Chinny like to use.

From Windows, using a web browser, I'm remoted in an AWS CentOS server which is remoted into my home Debian server, which is remoted into my Arch PC. lol

@kaidao I used to have a $10 Digital Ocean droplet, but it became a pain to maintain for something mission critical like Nextcloud.

So I moved to Cloudamo for a better hosted Nextcloud package for €4/month.

You don't need privacy until you do, and then it is too late

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