Decided to go with the flow and switch my default branch to main.

@garritfra Make sure your Git client is up to date. Took me a bit to figure it why it wasn't holding for new repos at first, realized it needs a relatively current Git version to be effective.

@chris I use the Git CLI for this exact reason. Third party clients just add (IMO) unneeded fuzz. It's just a matter of "git config --global init.defaultBranch main". If I'm not mistaken though, this setting should also apply to most git clients.

@garritfra So do it. Sorry, I wasn't all that clear, I was referring to the native Git CLI as my client. I had to update from the default Git on both Mac and Pop_OS to get it to recognize the default branch names.

@chris Oh, sorry about that. In my case Git suggested to switch my default, instead of changing it itself. Maybe it was manually set? I don't know. Using git version 2.30.0, which seems to be the lastest release.

@garritfra Right on. Sounds like you're fine. I had been relying on the default versions for way too long, lol

@garritfra Me too. It's two less characters to type.. Why not 🤷‍♂️

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