I need to start finishing my personal projects. Maybe that's a new project in itself.

@garritfra yes, it is. that's how i've been spending the past month or so and it's practically a full time job.

@jack when does it stop being a hobby, and start being a job?

@tuckerc getting them to a usable state. Not quite v1.0, but to a point where all the basic features are implemented. I often build out the core of an idea, without any useful features.

@garritfra gotcha so feature complete.

I have lots of projects that I think are good enough but not finished. Most of them just for personal use though.

@tuckerc @garritfra a state where people will want to use it so other people will (want to) maintain/work on it

@Johann150 @tuckerc oh, this is a great definition. A critical mass of stakeholders.

@garritfra @tuckerc the problem with this is that despite many users there might not be someone to maintain it. Factors of that might be bad documentation, bad coding style, very complicated code base, bad license, hostile maintainer etc.

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