Hi fediverse! I'm a GNU/Linux geek that love everything about free software! just learning to code GO. I suck to be honest but hey...

I have two question for all the amazing people here:

where can I find good foss mastodon profiles and how can I be sure a wifi card uses is compatible with the Linux-Libre Kernel? I want to use parabola(I use Mint now) but where can I buy a wifi that will work 100 % on parabola? it is possible to just replace the wifi from one of the....

@gnuslashvegan welcome! Also joined recently (yesterday) and am eager to discover interesting profiles :)

@garritfra @chrismastodon @gnuslashvegan
Wow this text is massive, 18pt is abusive. A 60%-70% zoom makes it readable.

Hi, you seem to be the author. Any opinion on this?

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