@garritfra I agree in keeping it small and simple, I'm a bit more iffy on the size limit thing though, I'm not sure how that really brings anything good, it's kind of like the suckless LoC limitations, I'm not sure if it really leads to a better thing in the end, sure make it lean and minimalist, that's all things that I really appreciate, but an arbitrary size limit just seems like something that can lead to suboptimal results.

@sotolf This is a good point. 512kb is a lot of space to fiddle around with though. Everyone participating in this should keep an eye on code readability. The main problem here are just all those fancy JS libraries and that massive CSS framework, which in reality is not needed.

@garritfra I'm totally with you on that yeah but if you have years of posts and/or articles, some time you'll have to start culling old posts to keep it under the limit, also as you mentioned you had to leave out the personalised image that you had on there to get there, and I'm not completely convinced it's a win, that is kind of a personal touch that brings you out as more human than the site without the picture. At least that's my personal feeling about that.

@sotolf In that case you could implement some sort of yearly archive that sits there as a link, and only show the most recent posts on the start page. A user shouldn't need to fetch all posts on the front page, if the list is huge. Remember, this is not about the size of the entire website, but about the size per page. @thumb does this very well IMO (although only showing 4 posts is *very* minimal). He's at 1,9KB!

@garritfra @thumb Still the omission of the image seems like a loss to me for an arbitrary limit, but yaeh.

@sotolf I could probably compress it and add it back in.🤔

@sotolf @garritfra Chasing a lean homepage can become counterproductive. I will paraphrase Kev on this - The webpage becomes less interesting if you try to go below 10 KB.

Going low will come with compromises as you did. I accounted for every padding and lines of html and css. An extra 1 rem body padding will push mine to 2 KB. I was actually miffed with homepages that are just landing pages with a link to blog 🤣. There’s no soul in that.

@sotolf @garritfra 750KB for an image is high. I try to keep any images on mine below 100KB. Image magical to the rescue! You might wanna try a dithering program called Lid rawtext.club/~sloum/lid.html#d. I love the lo fi effects of it.

Also, before you try Hugo check out the minimal blogging application by karl.berlin. His html is hand coded.

@thumb @garritfra I try to stay away from go tools anyway, and I'm not that much for self hosting of a blog, I usually write stupid and ephemeral things, and writesmith.social is minimalist enough for my needs, and it's using write.as so it's federated as well :) not for everyone, but for my needs it's just what I need.

@garritfra I am gonna check it out as soon as I can pull myself out of bed 😁.

@sotolf To each their own. I like reading your stupid things 😄. I was on write.as and they are really good to just start writing but I wanted to post my snaps and also reduce my monthly bills hence self host on Pi. Haven’t got around to posting photos yet.

@thumb @garritfra Yeah, and there is something really charming with SSG generated sites too :) I enjoy all the blogs I read here, and I really appreciate how quick they load and how they are so easy to read in their minimalism, because that's what I care about with a blog, the text ;)

@thumb @sotolf I really like the idea of expanding your personal blog to be more of a personal space. Be it by having a photo gallery or a selection of music, or anything of those sorts.

@garritfra @thumb Yeah, that's understandable :) Most alternatives have their pros :) And I'm also toying with playing around with some SSGs as well :)

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