The better way to structure dependencies is...?

@garritfra Do it right, install DSOs system-wide with symbol versioning. That's the way to save memory.


@garritfra No I *don't*, that's the whole point! Saving disk space *and* memory also means less power consumption. 😂

@jens So you're telling me this is actually a legit way to manage packages?😂

@garritfra Ask Ulrich Drepper, not me.

Ok, so, like a decade and a half or so he wrote a long HOWTO on how to write DSOs. Then he came out to say, well, if he now got people to write DSOs where none are necessary, that's not something he intended.

The point is, DSOs are for shared code. Packages that you want to include in your code are shared code. DSOs is the right kind of thing for that.

Programming languages don't all allow for them...

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