I just set up a donate link for my blog. If you ever feel like buying me a coffee, this is the easiest way to do so! :)

@yerinalexey @garritfra

That does not seem relevant. Web Monetization API does not rely on Stripe. (But Stripe is the processor for Coil FWIW.)

@jeremiahlee Which benefits does it provide? They don't say anything useful on their site.


@yerinalexey @garritfra

Web Monetization is a proposed W3 standard that allows creators to receive micropayments from consumers based on time spent on a URL. An hour pays out $0.36—far more than ads. Creators can offer ad-free experiences or perks for paying customers. Imgur offers special features for Web Monetized customers. The standard preserves privacy and allows for rewarding creators without establishing a recurring billing agreement with them. Less for creators to manage as well.

@jeremiahlee @yerinalexey AFAIK this only kicks in when a user has paid for this "service" via a provider. Am I wrong?

@garritfra @yerinalexey

Correct, you would only receive money from people who have a Web Monetization wallet.

@yerinalexey @garritfra

The money comes from people who subscribe to a Web Monetization wallet, such as Coil.

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