@garritfra Thank you for sharing, informative while also very visual. Could you share the source?

@garritfra singal does have data on you, your phone number. Sure it's nowhere near the amount but still..

@aproposnix They say they don't store your phone number in plaintext, they store something like this:

$2b$10$h7xL0hcQ13UvEZFdGA2g2eq3XVKIvbQXmAXFDzuA4E3IKDWaGbS3y (that's my phone number bcrypted, good luck reversing that junk)


The fact they cannot call you doesn't mean they cannot use it to track you.
@aproposnix @garritfra

@lig Yes they can, but there's not much useful information they can get without knowing the full numbers of users.

@aproposnix @garritfra

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