To all CLI maintainers:

By the love of $god, please implement the -h flag.

@garritfra There’s the option to get an intimidating amount of help text with libressl. Hiding that with 2> >(head -n 1), the result looks equally terrible, though.

@garritfra 👌

$ ./gobin-migrate idontknowthecommand
Usage: gobin-migrate <up|apply|revert> ARGUMENTS
$ ./gobin-migrate --help
Usage: gobin-migrate <up|apply|revert> ARGUMENTS
$ ./gobin-migrate -h
Usage: gobin-migrate <up|apply|revert> ARGUMENTS

@yerinalexey @garritfra The solution is obvious, is it not?

$ strings gobin-migrate | less

@yerinalexey @garritfra It works, doesn't it? Modern problems require modern solutions.

@lig @garritfra -h is host for most network tools too ;)

It's too valuable to give that argument up to just help!

@garritfra @funnylookinhat `ls`, `df`, and `du` use `-h` for numbers in the human-readable form. That was my point. Sorry for being too brief. Often `man <command>` is enough:)

@garritfra I find the inverse quite annoying as when using "--help" tells me I need to use "-h" or "--version" says no, use "-v". However, the arrogance to write bullshit to detect and return that message pisses me off even more.

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