Too many sideprojects, too little time.

@garritfra For me,
Too many ideas, Too little knoweledge 😅


- Implement a hashing algorithm for the fun of it
- Write a compiler
- Write a virtual machine

@yerinalexey @garritfra Here's wjat I'm trying to find time for:

- Make an online dictionary (I have the dataset) with Svelte + TailwindCSS (just to try them both).
- Experience the Rust / WASM hype for myself
- Oh, AoC day 2...
- Make a simple file hosting webinterface without JS (sort of like the apache/nginx index pages, but allows to upload)
- Mail webinterface, also without JS
- Android Keyboard for tibetan

... and many private projects (blog, website, etc...)

@LiziPancake We should incorporate a list of cool stuff we don't have time to build, so that other people can build them.

@garritfra That could be a good idea, but also, there are somethings I wanna make that other people already have that I just wanna do to make my own

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