Since I deleted my Instagram, I still reflexively tap on the location of where it's app-icon used to be. That indicates just how addictive these apps are.

@garritfra Also explains why so few people try. And for that I thank you.

@garritfra This happened to me when I removed Discord. There’s gotta be a term for it, like ghost tapping. Later I’d reflexively pick up my phone, realize there was nothing for me to check, and set it back down. This went on for maybe a week until the habit died.

@sarvasana @garritfra this is a good idea. Depending on the reason you opened it in the first place. Was it to scroll? To post? With those posts did you go back to see comments and hearts or just wanted a place to post?

@wylel @sarvasana sadly it was mainly to scroll though the endless feed.

@garritfra @wylel I guess that's human, so it is not that sad. It is really good you managed to observe your own behavior and was strong enough to stop it.

@garritfra yeah, expect relapses with Instagram. I had to retry like four times before being completely Instagram-addiction free.

@kriive I tried before and failed too. I hope this time I won't be in a situation where I "just have to check one thing" on Instagram anymore.

@garritfra Ehh, it's not so much about addiction as it is about habit. I removed the Mobile Authenticator from my Steam account and I still reflexively pick up my phone when I log in to Steam. Doesn't mean I'm addicted, it's just something you were used to doing on the regular.

I mean, Instagram and most social media is designed to keep you around, absolutely, but not *everything* about it is the result of that design.

@garritfra no, it demonstrates that you are prone to addiction.

@garritfra Looking at my browsing history, I still visited five times yesterday out of habit, and I've not used Twitter since August 8th.

@tychi twitter fortunately never got me. Mastodon is way more catchy, but I do think that interacting with you peeps on mastodon has a real purpose.

@garritfra I nerver used it. But I actually find Mastodon quite addictive as well.

This feels like one of the reasons I like this mastodon, it feels utterly casual

@garritfra stay clear of it! there are more important things in life.

@garritfra was the same when I did the twitter purge, you dont realise how ingrained it is....

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