Microsoft Teams has one of the worst clients in existence, and yet I have to use it every day.

@garritfra This is true of Microsoft Pretty-Much-Anything. The only Microsoft product I have to use that doesn't make me angry is VisualStudio Code, and it's a text editor that eats RAM like it's popcorn

@jkb Do you use many plugins? VSCode is buttery smooth for me. Not quite as snappy as Sublime though.

@garritfra My current extensions:
- Atom One Dark Theme
- Clock
- ESLint
- file-icons
- GitLens
- Notes
- Todo Tree
- Vim
- vscode-journal
- vscode-journal-view

I might get rid of GitLens

@jkb @garritfra That's happens because both are Electron apps. GAFAM not only stay comfortable with all of their crap for the web, they want to brings us all of that crap to the desktop too.

@jkb @garritfra I have been trying out recently after switching to KDE, and I'm impressed! Coming from VSCode using a bare minimum of plugins for webdev stuff, I haven't really missed any features from VSCode yet. And it's snappy and fast!

@garritfra my last company used teams. it was horrible, to put it nicely. which makes it all the more hilarious seeing the ms teams commercials promoting how teams has helped organizations during covid.

@_failsafe @garritfra the native mac client would die at least once a day. and by "die" i mean it'd just stop responding to any input, mouse or keyboard, resulting in having to forcefully kill it manually.

while not as critical, the look and feel of it was clunky. coming to teams from slack, i was used to a smoother interaction. teams was pretty slow and awkward in comparison.

@_failsafe @garritfra i also tried doing some simple bots, and that too was overly difficult and awkward. the bot framework, while interesting if you wanted to do more sophisticated stuff like nlp and such, doing simple stuff like a command bot was too complicated.

i was also surprised that the bot framework requires you to have your bot app/api exposed to the internet.

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