Does anyone have experience with Is it worth switching from github just for FOSSs sake?

@garritfra is @sir ‘s baby. It’s a great service and much lighter and arguably easier to use than GitHub/GitLab. It’s vastly more open source than GitHub.

Great service, would `git push` again. A++++

@garritfra I use Codeberg because I'm not big and professional enough to use sourcehut (with apologies to Linus Torvalds), but it's worth switching to sourcehut even neglecting the FOSS of it. Sourcehut is great.

Sourcehut has built in CI.

@wizzwizz4 GitHub has built in CI, too. What I am quite intreagued about are the mailing lists that are provided with sourcehut.

@garritfra Oh, yeah, that's just the normal way that software's developed. That's not specific to sourcehut; you can do that with any software, in all version control systems that support text-based patches.

What I'm more interested in is when GitHub got built-in CI. Is this the Actions thingy?

@wizzwizz4 Yes, mailing lists are a thing that are widely used among C- and systems programmers. What I really like is that you get your mailing lists set up for each project on sourcehut. Regarding the CI: yes, github actions are quite sophisticated. I'm sure sourcehuts implementation are just as good though

@garritfra If you care about FOSS, then yes, it is worth switching from Github as soon as is viable for your projects. Codeberg or self-hosted Gitea is fine if you just want a FOSS Github clone, but what I like about sourcehut is that rather than blindly copying Github's centralized workflow @sir has designed sourcehut around a decentralized workflow. It has other advantages too, like the ability to organize multiple related repositories and mailing lists into "projects".

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