@linmob With pboot (GUIless) and Phosh I managed to get a really good experience out of my device when it comes to performance but I to scared of the modem stability to switch back.

@linmob Mobian always caused nothing but issues for me and the Debian repo is in my opinion a very questionable choice for something as WIP and proper mobile Linux, so I chose PostmarketOS when I daily drove mine but ik these two where the best options which still failed for me.

@linmob I am aware of all that but when I last daily drove bugs like never arriving SMS, one sided calls (where only one can hear the other) and sometimes big delays for missed calls to appear where all things I ran into. These aren't caused by network support issues because those only make mobile data impossible in my area, not calls and sms as far as I can tell. In addition the modem seemed to crash very rarely but still device breaking if you want to daily drive (not sure about the details)

I quit daily driving the Pinephone qute a while ago because I just wasn't able to get stable SMS and calls and the Matrix situation was quite a nightmare. I do wan't ro dailydrive it again so to all who currently do it, how has the modem situation improved and with which distros?

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I spent some time building signal-rs (git.sr.ht/~nicohman/signal-rs) for the (well, the Librem 5 spent time on it, more than 12 hours, ;-) ), it worked. If you want to do the same, head over to forums.puri.sm/t/axolotl-libre

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Australian police can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, or take over your social media accounts. We must fight for our right to privacy!
#surveillance #privacy #Fight4Privacy

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With the year ending, there's going to be time (and energy) to do real work on again. To kick things off, here's some rough plans for discussion: framagit.org/linmobapps/linmob

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The 76th edition of my weekly collection of news about (@PINE64 , , @purism and such), , is out!


7 Days in Linux Phones: Explorer Edition will be up for order soon, distro releases and Calls and Chatty developments, the project, (one Nokia Linux project that never saw the light of day) on camera and more!

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The idea to use gadget mode for the seems to require a kernel module pmos does not come with. I may try to build that tomorrow. If not, the backup plans are to use the uart to talk to an arduino micro that can be a keyboard, or something like ydotool which is supposed to be similar to xdotool but it supports wayland.

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@joeligj12 Ik the dev and it tends to work far better then Invidious for me so it's kind of a nobrainer :)

@joeligj12 The website is arguably even heavier then Youtubes :)

@PublicNuisance That's obviously true and I am anything but a Google fan. I just draw lines when it choose what to recommend/promote/support and LBRY itself wouldn't even fail that. It's just Odysee that I don't want to recommend anymore and since it's the Nr.1 landing spot for new LBRY users I draw a line there. You can agree or disagree with me but that's just my opinion and I feel like posting it online rn.

@PublicNuisance In theory you are right but in practice I just want to puke whenever I see the content on Bitchute. I will continue to use LBRY for content consumption but over Piped instead of the app or Odysee since my faith in LBC isn't specially high, I would like to avoid Odysees tracking mess and at the same time use there CDN. If things improve I will probably come back eventually but at the current stage it's hard for me to see LBRY getting out of the Odysee mess any time soon :/

I have a little bit in LBC because there was a time when I actually did believe in LBRY but I will jump ship now specially since I no longer use it to stake in my content. It's obviously a awful time to sell but at the current price I still get out with a small plus that should cover at least part of the exchange fees. I have been a more or less active LBRY user for years but all my attempts to change the direction failed and Federation comes to late. Odysee isn't far from Bitchute now :(

Hi, I know I was gone for a long time once again because my blog just has to take the back seat when I run low on time but it seems like I will have more time left soon so I plan to write again as soon as I got back in the loop :)

@Linux4Everyone I still like LBRY and the idea behind it but before the Odysee/LBRY split I also gave up hope. Odysee is the main interface so it will continue to attract most people but I am hopeful again that the Federation attempts could still succeed (For frontend and wallet server aka blocklists) which could make the platform somewhat viable again for me if everything goes well.

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December Update:

Year in review & sneak peek at 2022

EE available soon!

PP(P)case now works

dev report; HDMI out & GPU work

PP(P) keyboard available early Jan 2022

game demo and BLE encryption

And much more!


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We released version 1.4.3 (alpha release) primarily for helping users in Russia connect to Tor.

Please test, especially if you're in Russia, APK: briarproject.org/apk/briar-1.4

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