Just some screenshots of Telegram Desktop running on the

It scales suprisingly well and is totally usable on the Pinephone. I am not that much of a Telegram user since I prefer Matrix and the desktop client is quite a pile of garbage since it lacks encryption support but I am sure many of you will need it anyway! :D

@naruciakk The desktop version just works (it scales by default)

@gamey I always used telegram on my pinephone ever since I got it because telegram is great on the pinephone. Its the best messaging app on the pinephone

@gamey not that telegram is good just that is works the best on the pinephone

@gamey > telegram desktop on pinephone
I guess that's something. Hopefully someone can figure out how to get less glowy chat clients to work like qTox or Briar.
@meshy @gamey > Who even uses Tox?
More would if it worked in more places. Same with Jami.

@cowanon Tox is a experimental protocol that should not be used for actual secure communication. It's there to work on a key exchange algorythm that still includes at least one fatal flaw and can not be considered secure Well and about Briar it's really cool but not so much the Linux app and specially on a device that already struggles with battery life it's rly not great so I would rather have a good Matrix client and if you use XMPP you already have great solutions for the Pinephone :D

@gamey I hadn't considered most of those, and didn't know Tox wasn't yet out of 'alpha'! XMPP for Piney you say? I suppose that's a lot better than Signal and Whatsapp.

@cowanon I am in the Matrix camp but sadly the current state of it on mobile GNU/Linux devices isn't great while XMPP worked great basically right from the start with the Libpurple implementation working in Chatty right away and clients like Dino (Idk when they will finally merge the mobile branch tho) and Kaidan. I still hope that one of the projects implementing Matrix finally gets to a usable state but I wait for a year now and there are multiple proimising it for months so idk :/

@gamey I've never used either much (XMPP more than Matrix) but I suppose Matrix only really works if you have lots of friends or like to be in large chats vs the more one-on-one nature of XMPP (which gave me old-skool MSN/YIM/AIM/ICQ feels).

@cowanon Matrix is kind of in between because tries to replace IRC and centralized IM apps like Signal and Whatsapp which makes it hard to use for some who only know Element (the main and fairly questionable client) but works quite well when people choose clients based on what they want from it. I really like it over all for both and I am fascinated by the WIP effort to build a P2P overlay network but XMPP is great to. Both are decentralized but server based tho so keep that in mind.

@gamey > Both are decentralized but server based
Which gives me pause, but again better than the likes of Signal -- which I admit was my main messenger until it began to stink of spyware. (The whole "billionaire's promotion" thing is a red flag.) And as for what I want from, say, Matrix, well all I want ("wish for" more accurately) is to get my family and friends away from failberg messenger! Sigh. Normies.

@cowanon I think you may find this as fascinating as I do . I am kind of split when it comes to Federation vs pure P2P because while pure P2P is even less centralized it also tends to demand more on the client side and current implementations lack some features many value. That makes the idea of a hybrid specially appealing to me and the way they want to do it just totally blows my mind :D

@gamey Hmm, that does sound a bit interesting. I've tried the likes of Jami and Tox (both P2P) and it sucks when you can't send anyone offline messages nor send files while they're offline and you're online.

@cowanon When it comes to getting your friends and family on a for them usable IM I would probably recommend a Matrix client like Fluffychat or one of the easier XMPP clients (Assuming they use Android or iOS). They tend to be easy to use and offer all the features they are used to which makes convincing a lot easier :D

@gamey @cowanon Let me get this straight, Matrix wants to be a peer to peer protocol but also a decentralized protocol, which means you can either sign up with a server or create a local account?

@meshy They work on a P2P overlay network to make a Federation and P2P hybrid out of there network so there is a little more to it :D

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