Just some screenshots of Tubefeeder a Youtube client running on the

I call it "client" but it's really more of a feed reader specialized on Youtube and opening videos in mpv so it allows you to watch videos from people you follow but nothing else. I wish it had better desktop support because it's exactly how I want to watch Youtube! :D

Big thanks to Schmiddiii (Github) for the amazing work!

@ohellno Well it takes a while to load a video and start it in mpv afterwards but that could also be my internet which isn't great to say the least. When it comes to the videos themself they run really well on my device as long as I enable fullscreen (without it drops a lot of frames)

@gamey Nice, I've switched from manjaro phosh to Ubuntu touch recently and surprisingly, youtube videos work pretty decent.

I'm thinking about throwing it back on an sd card though and this will be handy. The battery life isn't great on it, not that it's better on any other distro but the camera is nice on manjaro

@ohellno I would be very interested in the current state of Ubuntu Touch aka is it usable? Last time I tried it it wasn't but that's ages ago and specially recently I have narrowed down my scope and basically only use Phosh because it works really well for me.

@gamey Yeah UT has came a very long way, just in the last couple weeks.

I hadn't tried it in months as last time I did, it wouldn't wake from sleep. I didn't realize that this problem was only on the stable channel.

I've been daily driving it for about a week now, and it's definitely great.

Calls work, texts work, no mms yet though.

Morph browser is incredibly smooth and functional. Youtube videos are very smooth (not perfect).

I have only had it do a soft reset maybe twice in a week. I switchehd mainly because of the on screen keyboard typing suggestions/corrections. It's a lot easier to type using them.

The camera is similar to how it is in mobian, before the 1.0 update. Copy/paste doesn't work between apps, unless you use Ubuntu Touch Tweak Tools and switch to windowed mode, rather than full screen mode (like phosh).

There are a few really good apps for it, like the ebook reader and a 2FA app. However it is kinda inconvenient that I can't run IDLE on it, however, that's what terminal apps are for.

They just fixed the modem connecting after sleep a few days ago so that's really nice. It's almost instant now. My only real gripe is battery life.

The copy paste thing is inconvenient, but can be worked around.

All that being said, it's come a very long way, but it's not perfect. It does work great for web browsing, reading ebooks, and using telegram and matrix.

The native telegram app doesn't work, but teleports has most functionality. Currently, I do have to use the web version of Telegram to do a few things. Like searching threads, and saving files from chats.

But notifications work great, and regular messaging works great too via teleports.

So it's daily drive-able for me, as long as I keep both my batteries charged. It does last a while in sleep though with modem on, as long as it's not constantly searching

@ohellno That sounds a lot better then when I last tried it (specially that the Modem is finally fixed). I have to take another look at it because I am curiouse but I wont daily drive it myself just because I didn't buy a Linux phone to have a Android experience with no package manager, no decent compatibility with other apps for Linnux phones and all of that stuff well and I just hate it's Terminal keyboard 😅

@gamey Yeah I feel you there. It's great to be able to use any and all of the existing apps. I wasn't aware that you couldn't use most existing apps until after installing it to my emmc.

I'll probably switch my emmc to the beta12 manjaro and put UT on my sd.

What i really want to do is install pboot on my emmc so I can keep my sd card in my pp permanently.

It would be great to have pboot and manjaro phosh on my emmc and then partition my SD so I could use a big chunk for storage and have another partition for trying out new distros.

Are you aware of any guide for pboot that's more detailed than the readme?

@ohellno pboot is probably one of the coolest projects for the Pinephone but I haven't used it yet. I meight on a SD card but with the 16GB version of the Pinephone it's really only useful on a SD card because the storage is barely enough to really work with one OS (If you play with it for just a daily driver setup it's more then enough).

@gamey Yeah pboot is fantastic. Its incredibly fast. I've only used it in the multi image, but it can be so much more valuable on the emmc imo, even with only 16gb just for the fact that you can choose to boot either the emmc or sd so your not fumbling with taking the sd in and out. Currently I have to carry my sd w whichever os out of the phone if I wanna boot to emmc. The ability to choose where tp boot from is great

@ohellno Now that's something I have to try for sure! When I am done with my attempts of getting Waydroid to work :D

@ohellno @gamey
> Calls work, texts work, no mms yet though.

I'm typing this on my UBports Editon Pinephone, but Ubuntu Touch didn't stay very long. I installed Mobian on eMMC pretty quickly (the SD slot became inoperable very soon, I've since upgraded the mainboard).

I used UT on an old OnePlus One for a year, MMS worked on it. I wish UBports would focus more on the PP (and Librem5) but do understand they lack resources.

But what I would really like is Mobian with Lomiri.

@gamey @ohellno
Interesting. I recently installed flatpaks of Clapper and μPlayer that enable hardware acceleration, but neither plays any video on Mobian. mpv installed from the debian repos has no issue. But I'm curious, how do you enable fullscreen mode in mpv? The bottom bar of controls is tiny and does not stay visible long enough for me to press the fullscreen button.

@normandc It took me longer to discover then I like to admit but you can just double click.

@gamey LOL thanks, I wouldn't have found it by myself! 😀

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