Probably controvercial opinion. 

I am not a big fan of Nextcloud because I think the project has the wrong scope. I love the idea of a self hosted cloud that integrates with all of my devices but that's exactly my issue with Nextcloud. Instead of integrating it always feels to me like they want to reinvent things with own apps for everything and so on well and the essentially forced focus on the web as platform makes it feel like a platform while I want a collection of protocols not addons to it!

Probably controvercial opinion. 

@gamey I agree. Like, wtf are calendar, note, and even chat doing there?

@gamey I have to admit that as infrequent user of Nextcloud the installation and usage of apps via a single platform and interface makes things simpler.

However, I very much agree that many of those apps are reinventing the wheel and are inferior to dedicated solutions. Better protocols and interfaces would be much more beneficial.

@gamey I guess the problem is: How do you make software easy to use for many people?

Nextcloud etc. simplifies certain processes by being a platform for integrated, standardised apps.
Docker etc. simplifies distribution and installation, but can be criticised in other ways.

@floppy I fully understand that but I think you don't have to choose rly. If you build your Platform on solutions that are more native and with that drive there development you can in my opinion reinvent the wheel as much as you want since people who don't want that feel can still benefit from your work. Additionally you open up the door for other projects with different scopes 🤷 I want to add that I am not a developer or expert tho so this is just a opinion and nothing more!

Probably controvercial opinion. 

@gamey I think its all about creating a ecosystem that is as easy to use as possible. Dedicated solutions make support much easier. With that being said, I think the whole cloud system is a messy puzzle of third party apps and first party apps supporting not all features.

I love my next cloud because after some tinkering it does it all and makes self hosting easy for other things too, but it surely isnt perfect.

The great part about this: anyone can contribute!

Probably controvercial opinion. 

@AaronTheIssueGuy I don't want to badmouth Nextcloud, it's a amazing FOSS project but I would be a lot happier with it if it build on common standards or even set new ones. They are in a position where they could start a mesh of protocols others could adopt to and build up a Cloud infrastructure that follows the Unix philosophy which they could build there own Platform on top of so the main thing to me is missed chances I see and that always annoys me.

Probably controvercial opinion. 

@AaronTheIssueGuy I see this with Projects like Gnome and KDE to where they build there own things which leads to dependency bloat instead of building a common base they slap there interfaces on and develop the base together. It always makes me a little sad when I find another case of that because I think there is so much more the community could do with even more colaboration.

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