@linmob how's the experience with Linux? Would you recommend it? I'm in the market for a cheap laptop type device and this looks interesting, but only if I can run mainline Linux on it without too much effort.


@gabmus If you want something feature complete and cheap the Pinebook may be what you search. there is no touch screen but for 200$ it's a nice little laptop :D

@gamey @gabmus Yeah I have the pinebook pro and its really good for $200

You would think its not as good as it really is

@gamey if the performance is on the level of the pinephone, then it's probably not what I'm looking for

Nah, #pinebookpro is more powerful. I use it almost everyday for browsing and my little tasks😊

@Azt3c @gabmus @gamey i use my #pinebookpro as my daily driver and its my only computer it can do a lot very capable device.

@gabmus The Pinephone is essentially testing hardware for developers and geeks. The equivalent to that would be the none pro Pinebook for 100$ which from what I have seen has some performance issues but the Pinebook pro seems balanced really well (I have to see when I can scrap the 200$ together but currently have more important things to spend money on)

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