Just some screenshots of Newsflash a feed reader running on the

Newsflash is a modern feed reader written in Rust and using GTK3. It scales well for mobile screens, is extremely feature rich, looks really good and loads relatively fast but still crashes a lot while adding feeds. Just try it out yourself if you like what you see :D
I sadly couldn't find it's creator on the Fediverse so I guess you can check out his Gitlab for more.

@gamey it looks good on mobile screens, has a nice feature set and works well on my #librem5 ... I know its not a mobile client but compare the speed of lifera with newsflash... We need more native compiled apps and no python or javascript apps with #gtk3 ui. X.x #rust or #c (...)

@scops I don't see any issue with JS or Python when we talk about simple apps that only provide a GTK frame for something like mpv or are generally just a simple calculator but there are cases where it actually effects performance really badly and those should use a compiled language I am with you 100% on that. In the case of Feed readers like NewsFlash or Gnome Feeds the main thing is that they implement a web engine tho so they will never be specially resource efficient 🤷‍♀️

@gamey the problem is not the webview imho; i have about 40 feeds (using selfoss most of the time or liferea). crawling, sorting,... is very slow in comparsion on the same device. but yes, something like a calculator or a mpv frontend.

@scops Don't get me wrong I love feeds (one of the only free and wide spread way to get media) but the way they work is quite outdated and when we talk abut speed or efficiency they generally don't score that well. I will continue to use them for Blogs and Podcasts whenever possible but I think with the current state of technology we could do a lot better specially for content with little resource/bandwith usage like Blogs or mp3 Podcasts but that won't happen :/
FCK DRM/Copyright/Patterns!

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