I want to host a website for my blog but I have no idea what to name it. It will be about the Pinephone and probably some other Linux and Privacy related stuff from time to time. So anyone got any suggestions for a domain or tips on how to find a nice one?


I like alliteration.

There are sites that help you find available subdomains. I have this one bookmarked, no idea how shady they are.

I prefer old fashioned domain endings over new commercial ones. If you change the domain you lose readers, so you do not want to depend on a corporation exploiting that later on.

@gamey github generated glowing-system as a name for my repo. You can take it. Or generate a name of your own. As there are multitude of generators. Maybe there is a demo using GPT-3

@not7cd I am not really a big fan of github tbh but thanks for the offer. Could you go into more detail about that other thing? Sorry I have no clue about domains 😅

@gamey oh, I was talking about name generators. GitHub has one for repo creation. So you can use. But there is a lot of name generators. And with some advances in AI, GPT-3 which is a language model, could generate even better names based on key words.

@gamey please message me when you get the domain I'm always looking for more pine phone content.

@gamey I like playing with words, so, if it was me, I would think of something related to pine like trees, wood, needles, etc

@normandc @gamey

😂 ... sorry.

I tend to play around with daft TLDs. The issue to take with that, as you may know, is a lot are controlled by shady holding companies. So if that's of concern, I guess find out which TLDs you find ethically acceptable and go from there.

@gamey As a person who has been running a few weblogs for almost two decades, I can highly recommend you going with a generic name. And by generic I mean something that's not specific to a brand, project or a hobby.

If your website lives long enough, it's most likely that your interest will shift into something else over time.

@hund Advice from experienced people is always awesome and while I haven't given that much thought so far I think you are right. I will keep that in mind thanks :D

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