I made another post and this time its about Calindori the plasma mobile calendar app on the Pinephone. In case you have anything to add or find any mistakes just contact me and I will add/fix it :D

Never tested on phosh, but notifications should work there as well, check that calindac is up and running.

Regarding icons, on Plasma with breeze, icons are properly displayed.

About synching, there is stiil under discussion the PIM suite to adopt in Plasma Mobile. At the moment, you can try setting up vdirsyncer and add the synched calendar in Calendar Management > External > Add (if you are on master). I will blog post about it when 1.3 is released (within November) and ask people to test.


@dimitrisk I will have to try that for sure but the part about the icons doesn't work. I always have breeze installed but none of the Kirigami apps has fully working icons in Phosh (the worse example is index that even misses most text) It's always awesome to get feedback tho specially the helpful kind. Thanks a lot for taking the time I really appreciate it :D

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