I made another blog post. This one is about Matrix clients for the Pinephone so if you are interested give it a read :D

@flay My testing platform is ArchARM with Phosh since Ubuntu touch is still in a unusable state on the Pinephone and that sadly atm only runs on it

@gamey Ah, OK. I just tried the latest archArm Phosh beta but didn't get far. No on-screen keyboard? I can't enter my wifi pwd etc.

@flay Uhm there should be a keyboard button in the bottom left corner

@gamey thanks, saw that. But it appears inactive. Tried terminal and notes as well. No go. Will await later beta. Thanks thou!

@flay Well okay but i want to point out that it works for me

@gamey Huh. It is a Braveheart era device? Will pop a few different versions on SD card and check them.

@gamey There are some really interesting projects I didn't know before 👍 I personally prefer Fractal because it's perfectly optimized for mobile and it integrates so good into the rest of the GTK based interface 👍 I use Fractal on the desktop computer and laptop,too.On the other devices,Fractal remembers my account,only on the PinePhone I always have to login again.That's really annoying.I hope it will be fixed soon.

@nipos Yes i love how well Fractal works with libhandy but the Gnome keyring bug is to annoying for me personally.

@gamey Thanks for the kind words on Fractal!

There has been a GSoC internship about using matrix-rust-sdk, which should make E2EE support easier.

It still needs design and implementation, but it’s slowly making progress. Let’s not forget it’s a volunteer-led effort!

@gnome Thats awesome to hear! As native Matrix client Fractal has a lot of potential on both desktops and phones.

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