I found this in my timeline and could probably just share it but it's definitely worth a own toot! I knew Google was fucked up but this goes far beyond anything I ever expected. nitter.kavin.rocks/fasterthanl

Okay after a week with Plausible Analytics and knowing previous rough stats because I proxied my traffic thru Cloudflare for a while I can now safely conclude that JS based Analytics are impossible with my audience. I am kind of sad that I can't use Plausible because it is a really nice way to do privacy friendly Analytics but on the other hand I am a bit proud that I have the readers I do. Thinking about possibly using the ELK stack with NGINX logs but I have yet to take a closer look at that.

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We've had a database hardware failure on the matrix.org homeserver; currently fixing things - apologies for the outage. Folks on other homeservers are unaffected.

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📢 This Week in GNOME #15 "Sepia and App Updates" is online now!


The new issue contains news about libadwaita, Shortwave, Health, Fractal, Dialect - and much more!


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This week’s update is massive! So many interesting things were announced that’s too difficult to pick highlights! How about you read them all and tell us which ones you would have picked?

I also had a little chat with the Wisperfish dev and while he currently has a Websocket from Signal which should do the job he will investigate UnifiedPush for a potential implementation in the future at some point :)

I made a issue on Gitlab for it to gitlab.com/whisperfish/whisper

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I was on Matrix asking around about UnifiedPush. So far i found out that Fractal, NeoChat and Fluffychat plan to implement it for Linux while Nheko probably wont (at least in the near future). Please keep in mind that the Linux implementation of UnifiedPush is not usable yet and still needs work even for the existing libraries tho!

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for @PINE64 / (2021/10/22) has released.

Release Notes + Downloads: github.com/dreemurrs-embedded/

is now available as an option, check it out if you haven't!

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Did I mention that my fix for #Maliit (on-screen keyboard used by @plasmamobile ) to deal with Chinese (pinyin) inputs [1] is now in #postmarketOS edge?
我修了一下子 #Maliit@plasmamobile 用的屏幕键盘)处理中文(拼音)输入的问题 [1] ,这玩意儿现在在 #postmarketOS edge 里头了,这事我啊讲过啊?

[1]: https://github.com/maliit/keyboard/pull/51
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Just in time for the upcoming 41.1 GNOME Calls release, here is an updated Anti-Spam program, now with a much friendlier GUI!

I still marked it as a Beta, so tester's wanted!

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Tangentially political 

I don't want this to be a political post. This is just a testament to the strength of the Fediverse. New instances can join, drop, or any combination of the two, and it doesn't impact the Fed at large. Being a distributed social network means that one node of that network can experience catastrophic failure and it will have no impact on the rest of the network.

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Another update on Feeds! Feed/tag filtering is now inside a slick AdwFlap.

I think it looks much better than the old popover.

#gtk4 #libadwaita

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Adaptive version of #gnome #calendar running on #pureos on the #librem5. This is still a work in progress, some issues still need to be solved before releasing this. But again; “hey it’s progress” :D.
Credits to @KekunPlazas fr his work on this.

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vvmd and vvmplayer have been accepted in @debian unstable! They provide visual voicemail notification on Linux phones and have been contributed by @mobian dev @kop316 . Thanks and congrats!


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If you're updating Arch Linux ARM today and got a unsatisfied dependency error, then this is a upstream issue: archlinuxarm.org/forum/viewtop

We're already aware of this, please wait for upstream to resolve the issue on their end.

I work on a new article about Matrix on Linux phones and thought I would just quickly ask the Fediverse for a little input. I have two categories, one is clients I go into more detail about and the other is just some I want to mention but that don't work well.

In detail:


If you know any I missed please tell me about them!

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@tuxdevices I'm saddened to see postmarketOS community members use Telegram for that. It's one of the projects core values to not use proprietary walled gardens like that and #matrix has proven itself to be a worthy alternative, but then our community goes out and do things like that 😢

If they need a separate chat from the regular mainline channel, we are happy to make an official one for it in the pmOS space

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Insightful. We can't repeat often enough that @mobian , @debian , @postmarketOS , @manjarolinux and others would not be where they are now, without @purism adopting a cooperative upstreaming policy. We would wager that everyone purchasing a (true) Linux device now, benefits from your investments. There is plenty to criticize and nag about you 😝, but you are doing the whole FOSS community a service that could not easily be replicated by volunteers.

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