I made another blog post. This one is about Matrix clients for the Pinephone so if you are interested give it a read :D

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LINMOBapps.frama.io has reached 200 apps today. And there are still a lot more apps to add! (Even if these are mainly unadjusted desktop apps that sort of work after tricks like scale-to-fit, they are worth adding, for the scale-to-fit IDs alone.) So nobody say again there are no apps for @PINE64 or @purism !

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We are happy to announce that our #factory image got approved for #production! Almost half of the batch got #preordered already. So what are you waiting for? Get your #PinePhone by @thepine64 with @ManjaroLinuxARM on it now! Shop: pine64.com/product-category/pi

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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I played with on @danct12鈥檚 on my @PINE64 today. Turning off the internal screen was enough to make it work. (Ignore the dock, it fails to work when a power source is connected.)

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Another GTK4 port down - this time for Podcasts, the app by @alatiera . This one is probably a better example of a port than the incomplete Social and the tiny Solanum.

If you want to take a look, see https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/podcasts/-/merge_requests/173

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Just some screenshots of the Gnome password safe running on the Pinephone. Those make me consider switching from Bitwarden :D

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This pull request on the flutter project makes me hopeful we might see apps on on and sooner than later: github.com/flutter/flutter/pul
apps like -flutter are worth it alone, and this might help bringing a few others over, too.

I quickly want to add that in case you know enough about the scene to verify this using my source. Just repost it with the hashtags that should get more attention then boosting my post.

My source is a issue on the github account of the nano creator where both the nano creator and the guy who runns the Firefox port are active in.

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IMPORTANT!!! If you use the Nano adblocker or defender uninstall it now. There was a change in ownership and the new owner seems to have infected it with malware. Chrome and Edge users are at risk luckily the maintainer of the Firefox ports cut all ties when the ownership change happened. So we Firefox users are fine for now but we will also have to switch back to UBlock sooner or later since nano is unmaintained now.


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Every user of Google, Facebook, ... should absolutely watch #TheSocialDilemma

It makes people understand how those services are designed with the ultimate goal to sell your brain time at the highest price.

Show it to Children, show it to Friends!


Today i want to take a quick look at Feed readers for the Pinephone. There are currently three available and those are Gnome Feeds, KDE's Alligator and NewsFlash.

In this blog post i go over them in detail.

Just some screenshots of the Tootle Mastodon client running on the Pinephone.

Tootle isnt perfect yet. It tends to crash from time to time) but its progressing nicely and its also what i posted this with :D

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Want to be part of an exciting story? The Volla Team is looking for freelance software developers for the #VollaPhone to make an innovative alternative to Google and Apple popular. It鈥檚 time for something new. volla.online/blog/files/octobe #AOSP #customROM #UbuntuTouch #Android #job

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