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Okay, here's a fun situation.

Deb10 with LXDE, and six days a week I run a single-monitor setup, so there's VERY MUCH muscle memory concerning just flicking the mouse over to the right and finding scroll bars, window close button, etc.

But on the seventh day, I turn on my old monitor as a second display, to the right of my main monitor. LXRandR works pretty well except: that muscle memory.

There seem to be Windows utils that do things like pause the mouse at the boundary - any for Linux?

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Perusing papers from the 2019 Internet Measurement Conference I came across this, which might be interest here:

Challenges in the Web:
The Mastodon Case

Which is an academic measurement oriented analysis of as it stood about 2 years ago, focusing in part on challenges that tend to drive things back to forms centralization

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@alienghic It means it doesn't show up in the public TL. It's a step above followers-only (i.e. if non-followers look at your profile they'll see them, or if people boost them) but isn't just out there like it's an important thought.

I set my mastosoc account to default to unlisted posts and just overrode when I used a hashtag (hashtags don't get searched; the web client will even warn you to properly set it) because no sane human reads the local TL there and it cut down on creepers/bots.

Not sure this site is gonna be a keeper. The point of moving from mastosoc was to have a place with a nice local timeline, and nobody here seems to know how to either use content warnings or set off-topic stuff to unlisted. πŸ˜’

(fast forward six months, Karen is surrounded by dozens of mechanical keyboard boxes spilling keycaps and switches, and is back to typing on the venerable beige M-type but with a trackball on the left of the keyboard)

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My TLs are full of people talking about their keycaps and switches and it is very dangerous. I resisted the modern mechanical keyboard trend for a long time because I have a perfectly serviceable 1994 M-type that is gonna outlive me... but then someone mentioned going tenkeyless to improve RSI (spoiler: IT REALLY DID) and I got Cherry MX Brown switches with just-slightly-less-dished-than-the-M-type keycaps and now I'm thinking maybe I should have gone Blue, noise and all, and more dishy caps. πŸ’Έ

Irrationally amused that I got a "Dear Karen" email from a store telling me my ship-to-store has arrived and that I should literally "At the store, ask to speak to the manager."

Just attempted to type Γ© and went "oh hey I finally have a keyboard with a command key!" (having replaced my vintage M-type) and excitedly held it down with my left hand, and sat there in confusion with my right hand hovering in the air over the absence of a ten-key (getting a TKL being the thing that finally drove me to replace the vintage M-type).


Not enough space to add: the rest of my accounts are listed in my profile but:

@gamehawk is my OG account, which I now just use to aggregate.
@silverseams is my art account (Silver Seams is the business name; "Silver" was my handle back in my Tandy Coco days, short for Mercedes Silver, but these days that's insufficiently unique)
@gamehawk is my ttrpg account.
@gamehawk is my Philly-area instance account.
and is my blog and business site.

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I (πŸ§“) live in South Jersey between Philly (πŸ₯¨) and the Pinelands/Shore (πŸŒ²πŸ–οΈ).

Perl is my weapon of choice but in my career I coded in weird stuff like Business Basic, RPG, Delphi, Alpha Four, and Lotus Symphony.

These days I've bailed on IT and I make plush sewing patterns and whatnot. I keep my nerd bona fides current by using Inkscape, plugging Raspberry Pi's into my embroidery machine, and writing Perl scripts to automate dumb Etsy stuff.

I mute reply-guys and block zealots.

*opens birdsite*

"Something went wrong. [β™Ί Try again]"

*closes birdsite*

Boy the next few weeks are gonna just be more and more interesting aren't they. 😐

Just popped in to Amazon and clearly the things I've bought and wishlisted in the Before Time when I was a volunteer reader at a Head Start preschool have matched Amazon's "grandma" patterns.

Literally: baby/toddler clothes, an Echo Show doing video conferencing with someone labeled "Grandma," shape sorters, car seats, toddler toys... c'mon, the kid is still in the "I will never have children" phase. (Kid, I said that too until my early thirties and yet here you are; never say never.)


I fed a shipping label sticker into the manual feed, then decided not to print one yet. It's got a lovely little touch screen but nowhere, NO WHERE on its many menus is there just "eject the paper from Tray 1." I had to go into Inkscape and "print" a blank page.

Medium-term workaround: hide boosts from that specific user on their profile (which keeps the posts out of the next-25 request altogether).

Long-term fix: find the bug tracker and submit the bug (if someone hasn't already).

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And here's where it breaks down: if all 25 are boosts, none of them get displayed, and "show more" just keeps making the same next-25 request and can never get deeper into your archive (in my case, it couldn't show anything older than an hour). Workaround: If you toggle "show boosts" in that column, it will display the boosts, which manages to get it past the bolus and into older posts, and then you can hide them again.

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Oh here's a fun mastobug:

If you' have Show Boosts turned off in your home TL, and someone you follow is just out of control with the boosts such that an entire batch of posts gets hidden, the web client will get stuck. It'll display the three whole non-boost posts from the first retrieval of recents, and a "show more" button. Then (I extrapolate) when you click show more, it uses the most recent *displayed* post to request the next 25 posts.

Is it normal for the home TL to just lose everything but a couple of recent posts?

I inherited it from Mom in 2018 (December, though) and haven't tried to program a single card. Before I risk breaking it I want to use it to embroider some stuff for a memory quilt for my nieces.

But then I want to open it up and see just how difficult it would be to yank its brain and replace it with a Pi (or maybe Arduino, but a Pi that ran Ink/Stitch and could just accept SVGs would be coooooool). Gotta be easier than building one from scratch, right?

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