@onosovereign I guess I was part of that influx. I'll show myself out.

@onosovereign Huh.

Well, looking at the other 💩 somebody just dropped in the public TL, I think it's time I found a different instance anyway.

@onosovereign It's a technical instance. Unlisted stuff is otherwise visible, but it keeps the local TL on-topic.

@onosovereign Pro tip: If you click the little globe icon and change your post to "unlisted," your posts won't appear in the public TL.

@blueberry Mmm, but then why follow anyone at all? The local TL misses things like replies and boosts; you'd have to detect those too.

My real problem is that I have folks who follow my art account *and* my tech account, for instance, but I only want to follow them from one of those. So I want something that can not only use multiple accounts, but integrate them in a way most multi-account clients don't.

And also because I want to read oldest-to-newest.

@blueberry I am (well, was, I'm out of IT these days) a back-end dev so I haven't quite progressed as far as to decide what the front end would look like. The bits of noodling around I've done with the Perl masto/Activity* modules have just dumped to a static HTML file, lightly-Bootstrapped, for simplicity's sake.

@blueberry Possibly? But I am old-school and it would be lower effort for me to write in what I know than to figure out how the current stuff works, *and* try to keep it patched with the continually-moving target.

@blueberry This is one of the things that keeps nudging me to write my own client.

@mindspillage @cwebber @m455 We get a lot of deer, some of whom have visited in daylight and grazed right up to the house windows. My sister accuses me of feeding them and I assured her I don't (though we have a birdbath I keep cleaned and filled), we just have tasty landscaping, including a lot of oaks. I can't even be blamed for planting any of it, other than they got hungry enough to eat the blossoms off the mums in the porch urns this year. That one was on me.

@cwebber @m455 Right?!

Folks retired to a subdivision that had a toy 9-hole golf course. Everybody fed the ducks. They recognized Dad, his golf buddy would take the feed container and shake it to draw the ducks off the green, then they'd swap. Finally HOA said "cut it out, we're having Fish & Game do a cull." My parents couldn't take walks because they'd be mobbed by hungry ducks. One morning they opened the door for the paper and like a hundred ducks camped on their lawn jumped up: QUAAAAACK!

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job loss, networking request, boosts + 

Welp, I'm officially laid off as of now.

If you know of any good opportunities for a Senior Software Engineer at a reasonably pro-social company, I'd appreciate a heads up; and please boost if you think anybody following you might!

@brownpau That's been me and Poppi. We've about decided he's actually a young cat (just starved in his previous life) so it's not that he's a crotchety 15yo it's that he's an undisciplined 2yo or something.

He's sooooooper food-motivated though and has just figured out the magical connection between "nail trimming" and "treat getting" so I figure we're in the brief lull between "fights nail trims" and "demands constant nail trims."

@onosovereign I complained about this awhile back and the use of CWs and/or unlisted posts (turned out a lot of people didn't know you could choose to not blurt your off-topic post out in the public TL) went up a tick thereafter.

Apparently $5 survival blankets are not worth shipping-to-store but they will ship it to our house for free because the rest of the cart is enough stuff? Meh, I hit save-for-later on those. (Our store did have the two-person size so I got one of those for the car, but was gonna get 3x single-person ones for go bags.)

More importantly: I got a tiny tent.


(Nominally as a gift for outdoorsy-and-cat-owning in-laws, but it might stay in our house instead...)

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*decides to finally order proper survival blankets for the car emergency kit*

"Well they're only $5 so while I'm on the REI site I should make it worthwhile I should get some Christmas shopping done"

*ends up with $100 in the cart*

*goes to check out*

*everything is available in our store except survival blankets*


@mogwai_poet It's tedious but the best part of broccoli is the stems... iff you peel them.

@sbanwart I try not to be a purist/crusader type but I *will* die on the hill that if it doesn't have a feed it's NOT REALLY A BLOG. 😔


@clacke Joe was not my first choice but now I am *so* excited about the possibility of having a boring president.

Even more exciting: the incumbent golfed today while his lawyers tried to hold a media circus in a literal alley behind an adult bookstore, and the incoming gave a speech followed by a fireworks and SYNCHRONIZED DRONE show and I am *ecstatic* about the prospect of having competent White House staff again. I will never take that for granted again.

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