*decides to finally order proper survival blankets for the car emergency kit*

"Well they're only $5 so while I'm on the REI site I should make it worthwhile I should get some Christmas shopping done"

*ends up with $100 in the cart*

*goes to check out*

*everything is available in our store except survival blankets*


Apparently $5 survival blankets are not worth shipping-to-store but they will ship it to our house for free because the rest of the cart is enough stuff? Meh, I hit save-for-later on those. (Our store did have the two-person size so I got one of those for the car, but was gonna get 3x single-person ones for go bags.)

More importantly: I got a tiny tent.


(Nominally as a gift for outdoorsy-and-cat-owning in-laws, but it might stay in our house instead...)

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