@vfrmedia Oh gosh we had that too. People would just drive around the barricades and into the St. Patrick's parade crowd on a regular basis, even with a volunteer frantically throwing themselves in front of the vehicles.

In part it's because it's an older part of town and parking is limited; normally people coming to the area would park in the little baseball stadium's lot, but that was the staging lot for the parade so they'd show up, discover they had to street-park, and lose their minds.

@gamehawk ofc we haven't had parades and stuff this year, but many streets here have been (further) restricted to pedestrians and cycles only, some are up in arms about that, in London some drove on the pavement (sidewalk) instead; in towns round here barriers have been illegally moved and even huge planters with about 100kg of soil vandalised (at least Suffolk Highways are standing firm and keeping the schemes in place, they really aren't a major issue even if you are driving)

@vfrmedia Yeah, they waited until the verrrrry last minute to cancel the Delano parade this past spring. I was sure they were going to go ahead with it (and hey, Kansas miiiiight have still been fine then 🤷).

I would have *loved* to have seen that stretch of road turned into a pedestrian mall (it's mostly tiny shops with apartments over them, built between 1870 and 1920ish) but it's right up against one of the few bridges over the river than runs through downtown so it's an arterial.

@vfrmedia We did get them to reduce it from four lanes to two, with the extra space turned into central plantings and wider sidewalks and whatnot. And angle parking, which was a mistake, but car people gotta car people.

@gamehawk my former hometown of Reading (in SE England, about 50 miles West of London) has the main roads running straight through the middle rather than being bypassed like many other towns are, though during my lifetime a good few of them got part pedestrianised (although the original system remains and there is a highly complex one way system in the town)

@vfrmedia This happened to a lot of the roads on the other side of downtown; if they would just build more bridges (it's a tiny, tiny river!) they would have more flexibility. Also if they weren't so hilariously bad at pandering to car people ("rush hour" is like fifteen, twenty minutes tops, but if you interfere with traffic getting into/out of downtown IT IS THE WORST).

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