So I have been trying to figure out the origin of the faint music I keep hearing. It sounded like something playing through headphones somewhere, that I was only hearing a few notes of now and then over the computer fan and whatnot.

Eventually figured out it's my keyboard. Any lateral motion, including brushing the side of a key with the mouse cable or just breathing while resting my hands on the keys, will trigger a very faint pinging tone. The space bar is tuned to E5, the letter keys to C5.

If it wasn't a perfect (to my hearing anyhow) musical third it probably wouldn't have registered as music quite so much.

But now I can't unhear it and it also sings, particularly the space bar, while I type.

@gamehawk All the letter keys are C5? Well, that's boring. Have you tried tuning them?

@wizzwizz4 I'm not sure if it would be better or worse if they were different. At least they're in tune AFAICT.

Space bar is the loudest and it sings nearly constantly while I type and now it will never stop bugging me.

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