Dear lazyweb: I've been pulling all my photos off GPhoto and iCloud for space reasons but I miss having them all searchable (well, semi-searchable what with Google ML's comical idea of what is a "cat" etc).

So it's probably time to get them all properly tagged and whatnot - what is a good Linux photo management package?

(Major bonus points if it can gather all the photos from the various directories they're in and leave symlinks so the various Inkscape files with embedded photos still work.)

@gamehawk things i have used in the past and think about revisiting:

* digikam
** lots of features
** some good tagging/search stuff
** qt / kde
** kinda heavy in some ways, but as i remember it didn't impose any weirdness on my file layout

* darktable
** more minimalist on the interface front
** rave reviews from various parties, but kinda flaky last i used it a few years ago
** i guess this is a light table clone? this is probably something i'd have to own a mac to understand.

@brennen I used digikam some when I was loading pictures off camera SD cards, which means it's been quite a number of years. It ended up being kinda of write-only for me but I can't remember why. I'd end up using the Big Directory Full Of Files directly anyway.

@gamehawk yeah - i still just use a perl script[0] to copy stuff into directories named by date-of-copy and that's most of the organizing i do at this point. i remember digikam being agnostic about file location in the ways i needed to keep doing that, at least.


@brennen @gamehawk I believe it's digikam I was using when I was into photography. I liked that it didn't insist I organize my physical files in a particular way.

@wholesomedonut @gamehawk shotwell came in handy in organizing photos from many families for a memorial slideshow for a grandparent. could organize most images by exif time data, then manually tag and reorganize.

@gamehawk I thought Piwigo was pretty good...

... and what NextCloud can do as a whole including images is great...

@gamehawk which offers maximum privacy, flexibility, and gets you the bonus 😉
Ask me if you do have questions.


1) For local use, try picty. I haven't tested picty myself, but it leaves photos where they are and that should solve the Inkscape problem. It seems to have a decent feature set as well.

2) Fallback local options include gThumb and Shotwell.

3) If this needs to be an online gallery, Piwigo and Coppermine are possible contenders.

@gamehawk I recently settled on Plex for organizing,viewing,tagging photos and so far it’s working well though I can’t speak for symlink support.

I can keep my own folder structure though which was the most important to me. There is some auto-tagging feature that uses ML from a third part but I haven’t used it yet (not sure if I will).

I’m actually super late to the Plex train but so far I’m enjoying it.

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