Okay, here's a fun situation.

Deb10 with LXDE, and six days a week I run a single-monitor setup, so there's VERY MUCH muscle memory concerning just flicking the mouse over to the right and finding scroll bars, window close button, etc.

But on the seventh day, I turn on my old monitor as a second display, to the right of my main monitor. LXRandR works pretty well except: that muscle memory.

There seem to be Windows utils that do things like pause the mouse at the boundary - any for Linux?

(I'd also be perfectly fine with having to hit the keyboard to swap the mouse cursor between monitors.)

@gamehawk > swap the mouse cursor between monitors

I was just thinking about that. Good idea. Especially if it works with dragging windows and the like.

Perhaps you can include other terms like window snapping. Or grid snapping, edge snapping and so on.

I don't know if LXDE has that option though. I think window snapping (while resizing) is more common than mouse snapping.


I have a similar setup for work but the monitor to the right is configured as below the main screen. This was due to some configuration headache (IIRC) but I’ve gotten used to it.

It helps that I mostly use the second screen for windows I’m not actually using but want to keep an eye on.

@suetanvil Yeah, I tried that and discovered that I use the taskbar at the bottom of the primary more often than I thought, and I kept overshooting it. I'm debating about physically putting the second monitor on the shelf behind the primary, and seeing if "above" works.

And yeah, this is just for the D&D game; the virtual tabletop and Discord windows go on the primary, the character sheet goes on the secondary. But I do need to roll dice from the character sheet, so it's not *just* display.

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