I (🧓) live in South Jersey between Philly (🥨) and the Pinelands/Shore (🌲🏖️).

Perl is my weapon of choice but in my career I coded in weird stuff like Business Basic, RPG, Delphi, Alpha Four, and Lotus Symphony.

These days I've bailed on IT and I make plush sewing patterns and whatnot. I keep my nerd bona fides current by using Inkscape, plugging Raspberry Pi's into my embroidery machine, and writing Perl scripts to automate dumb Etsy stuff.

I mute reply-guys and block zealots.

Not enough space to add: the rest of my accounts are listed in my profile but:

@gamehawk is my OG account, which I now just use to aggregate.
@silverseams is my art account (Silver Seams is the business name; "Silver" was my handle back in my Tandy Coco days, short for Mercedes Silver, but these days that's insufficiently unique)
@gamehawk is my ttrpg account.
@gamehawk is my Philly-area instance account.
silverseams.com/ is my blog and business site.

@gamehawk @gamehawk @silverseams @gamehawk @gamehawk

@Avalon and I have been talking about hacking embroidery machines for a while now. Feel like I need to connect you two.

@RussSharek @gamehawk @gamehawk @silverseams @gamehawk @gamehawk Thanks for making the connection! Just checked out your website, and I'm loving all the dragons :) I'm hoping to get the sewing machine up again soon here. Longer term project one of these days will be an attempt at this shenanigan (or a similar project); lordovervolt.com/embroidery

@gamehawk I want to bail on IT professionally, but haven’t figured out how yet...

@requiem We haven't figured out how both I *and* my husband can bail on it, alas. I quit "temporarily" to have a kid and never ended up going back (full-time; I did contract work off and on and am occasionally tempted to go back but, well, that resume gap ain't getting any smaller).

@gamehawk Cool! Do you have any resources about hacking embroidery machines? Any particular machines you can recommend?

@praxeology That one, a modern Brother PE800, isn't terribly hacked, at least in an electronic sense (I do use it as more of a CNC sewing machine, to produce 3d sewn objects one ought not be able to on a machine supposedly limited to flat-sewn), the Pi is just in USB Gadget mode to make the machine wireless.

But there's inkstitch.org/tutorials/embroi and I have a second, older machine with a weird DRM dongle and pre-USB/SD proprietary memcard that I'd like to bypass and let behave in a modern manner.

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