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I (🧓) live in South Jersey between Philly (🥨) and the Pinelands/Shore (🌲🏖️).

Perl is my weapon of choice but in my career I coded in weird stuff like Business Basic, RPG, Delphi, Alpha Four, and Lotus Symphony.

These days I've bailed on IT and I make plush sewing patterns and whatnot. I keep my nerd bona fides current by using Inkscape, plugging Raspberry Pi's into my embroidery machine, and writing Perl scripts to automate dumb Etsy stuff.

I mute reply-guys and block zealots.

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job loss, networking request, boosts + 

Welp, I'm officially laid off as of now.

If you know of any good opportunities for a Senior Software Engineer at a reasonably pro-social company, I'd appreciate a heads up; and please boost if you think anybody following you might!

Apparently $5 survival blankets are not worth shipping-to-store but they will ship it to our house for free because the rest of the cart is enough stuff? Meh, I hit save-for-later on those. (Our store did have the two-person size so I got one of those for the car, but was gonna get 3x single-person ones for go bags.)

More importantly: I got a tiny tent.

(Nominally as a gift for outdoorsy-and-cat-owning in-laws, but it might stay in our house instead...)

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*decides to finally order proper survival blankets for the car emergency kit*

"Well they're only $5 so while I'm on the REI site I should make it worthwhile I should get some Christmas shopping done"

*ends up with $100 in the cart*

*goes to check out*

*everything is available in our store except survival blankets*


Is fedi dot live legit or is it a disposable-address site? Because I hadn't seen a thing about it before and today I'm seeing a bunch of bad actors from various subdomains there.

Masto users need to be able to block full domains, not just play whac-a-mole with single-user subdomain sites.

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just saw my third GoT lady olenna meme in 24 hours; see, the problem with telling harry potter libs to "read another book" is the other book was game of thrones

I admit to being a software rather than a hardware person, and being more high-level at that, so maybe there's a technological reason for it but: WHY can we not just take a whole buttload of Pi Zero W based devices (N-O-D-E nano server style) running a mesh network, plug them in all over Philadelphia, and solve [some of] the connectivity problems in low-income neighborhoods?

(This train of thought started with "Ooh Pi 400! Affordable computer!" but then thinking that's not the real issue.)

Just had to be the bearer of bad news because Carl was thinking the time change happened tonight instead of last night. Nope, sorry, we already got our extra hour of sleep.

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I was just reminded of this music video and am kinda sad that (1) I had basically forgotten this song and (2) everyone forgot the video a year or so later when Thriller's video came out.

(also yes I haven't figured out how to get PrtSc working right on this keyboard, and me and Debian/LXDE are having various arguments about how two monitors ought to work)

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@vfrmedia Oh gosh we had that too. People would just drive around the barricades and into the St. Patrick's parade crowd on a regular basis, even with a volunteer frantically throwing themselves in front of the vehicles.

In part it's because it's an older part of town and parking is limited; normally people coming to the area would park in the little baseball stadium's lot, but that was the staging lot for the parade so they'd show up, discover they had to street-park, and lose their minds.

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I think I'm going to start doing Kickstarters for imaginary products I want to exist, and set really high funding goals so the funding fails, and then wait for China to make the imaginary thing a reality.

If it wasn't a perfect (to my hearing anyhow) musical third it probably wouldn't have registered as music quite so much.

But now I can't unhear it and it also sings, particularly the space bar, while I type.

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So I have been trying to figure out the origin of the faint music I keep hearing. It sounded like something playing through headphones somewhere, that I was only hearing a few notes of now and then over the computer fan and whatnot.

Eventually figured out it's my keyboard. Any lateral motion, including brushing the side of a key with the mouse cable or just breathing while resting my hands on the keys, will trigger a very faint pinging tone. The space bar is tuned to E5, the letter keys to C5.

The latest in the part-time-dual-monitor saga: I moved the second monitor to the shelf above the main one, and adjusted the settings accordingly. I still overshoot the top of the main monitor occasionally, but less often than I overshot the right side of it.

Now my dilemma is convincing apps to only open windows in the primary monitor, because I'd like to keep the secondary powered off when I'm not actively using it. It works 90% of the time, but then Chrome goes "okay, Paypal pop-up UP TOP!" 😒

You know you're getting old when: you try to remember the term for when someone thinks they're better at something than they are and "Warnier/Orr" jumps into the front of your head and that's all you can think of.

(I mean, you know you're getting old when you know what Warnier/Orr *means*. I worked for the company that was what was left when Ken Orr & Associates just became the associates; somewhere I have a template to draw Warnier/Orr diagrams. Which I never did.)

Dear lazyweb: I've been pulling all my photos off GPhoto and iCloud for space reasons but I miss having them all searchable (well, semi-searchable what with Google ML's comical idea of what is a "cat" etc).

So it's probably time to get them all properly tagged and whatnot - what is a good Linux photo management package?

(Major bonus points if it can gather all the photos from the various directories they're in and leave symlinks so the various Inkscape files with embedded photos still work.)

@tildeclub You blocking all of Comcast or just me? 😢

(I'd also be perfectly fine with having to hit the keyboard to swap the mouse cursor between monitors.)

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