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Familiar with :apple_inc: Swift, UIKit, and know your way around XCode? Want to help advance the state of on ? :xmpp: 📱 We're looking for developers to help bring our iOS app over the finish line! 🏁

This will be a paid short-term project producing FLOSS. DM or email if you're interested.

Not an iOS dev? That's okay, boosts appreciated too! 🙂

@Muto at the moment, chats are exclusive for each workspace. Let’s see how that works out. We’ll gather feedback!

@Muto Thanks a lot!
"asterix", the founder of Gajim accepts SEPA (and hosts all services). You can reach him at

@bjoern syncing workspaces across devices is surely a thing we should think about. But there is no standard yet. Syncing with roster groups would exclude MUCs.

Philipp Hörist (lovetox), maintainer of @gajim, gave a preview of the new Gajim 1.4 User Interface. Gajim is an XMPP client written in Python. It currently receives a big UI overhaul, of which the first results were presented at the Office Hours.🎙️

Right clicking is still possible!

IRC style is not what we’re aiming for, but a more compact view might follow in the future.

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Join us on Tuesday at XMPP Office Hours 📢 for "Demo: Gajim 1.4 Preview" by Philipp Hörist at 17:00 UTC (Tue, 4th of May '21)

Join here:

You also would like to give a talk? Info:

Gajim Development News:
April brought an all new message styling parser, making Gajim fully compliant with XEP-0393. This post will also give you a sneak peek on some features we’ve been developing for the past months: the new Chat view and Contact Info window.

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Very excited to announce that DAPSI will be funding user account data export and migration in and ! This project will give people more control over their data and ensure they are never locked into a specific XMPP provider.

Gajim 1.3.2 has been released! 🚀
This release brings back translations for Windows users. It also includes some small fixes and improvements.

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The Newsletter for March 2021 is out!

We have an official XSF YouTube channel now! Read articles, news on clients and as always the XEP editorial updates of this month. Thanks to everyone contributing!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕

@egnun next Development News will most likely feature some first impressions.

Development News March: Gajim’s new main window is coming together step by step while many core functionalities are being rewritten. This month also brought better accessibility for Gajim’s message input and improved Status Icon behavior.

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The Newsletter for February 2021 is out!

Many many news alike OpenPGP for XMPP, 7 client updates and 5 videos and much more - Thanks to everyone contributing!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕


Since Gajim 1.4 is still a long way, a hotfix for 1.3 will be very likely (once there is a fix).

Gajim 1.3.1 has been released! 🚀
With this release we managed to get a good portion of bugs fixed. Gajim 1.3.1 also includes some convenient improvements. Thanks everyone for reporting issues!

@MaSven @kubikpixel standardmäßig ist es nicht dabei, aber es kann ohne Probleme per Flatpak installiert werden:

@tux @kubikpixel für private Gruppenchats sollte standardmäßig eine Benachrichtigung angezeigt werden. Du kannst im Gruppenchat unter "Einstellungen" nach "Benachrichtigung bei allen Meldungen" aktivieren, falls es deaktiviert ist.

Bei Fragen kannst du auch gerne hier vorbeischauen:

@kubikpixel danke für die Anmerkungen! Unter helfen wir gern weiter.

1) Tatsächlich wird OMEMO nicht standardmäßig aktiviert und Gajim schaltet beim Empfang von verschlüsselten Nachrichten nicht automatisch um (das ist verbesserungswürdig). Unter Windows und Debian (package recommends) wird das Plugin automatisch installiert.

2) "Show contact list on startup" (funktioniert allerdings nicht im Single Window Mode). In Gajim 1.4 wird das komplett überarbeitet!

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