Gajim 1.4 Preview: Workspaces

The Gajim team has been hard at work in the past months to prepare the next v1.4 release. The upcoming version brings a major interface redesign. In this post, we explain how the new interface works and what remains to be decided or implemented before the release.

@gajim woo finally now it looks decent enough to use
@Moon @gajim It's been interesting watching Gajim modernize from a 2000s-era IM UI to something more modern akin to Slack or Discord.
@tk @Moon @gajim I count that as a negative tbh Then again, I only use mcabber in detached terminal these days :cirnoShrug:

@tuxicoman Gajim supports olders standards of VOIP, which are not compatible with Conversations at the moment.

@gajim Looks great! Any idea when that will be available for the Windows build?

@Phaserune Windows Nightlies will be available as soon as this feature branch gets merged into the master branch. There is no ETA yet ;)

@gajim can't wait for it! Really looking forward for the workspaces.

I like the new design and already use gajim in one window mode with chat tabs on the left so I won't miss multi window support.

I totally understand your reasons for dropping the support of it and if it leads to better stability and makes your life as a dev easierer, good! Gajim is also the only client to support it I know.

Reorder pinned tabs would be useful for me.

#xmpp #gajim

@gajim Is it possible to use the old UI? It's sad that every IM client becomes another Discord UI clone :(

@js No, that won't be possible, since these changes come with a huge code cleanup.

@gajim Crap. I hugely prefer the old interface which doesn't use up my entire screen :(. If I wanted something fullscreen, I would just use an Electron based app like everybody else does.

@gajim I think that I'm going to reinstall it soon :)

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