Philipp Hörist (lovetox), maintainer of @gajim, gave a preview of the new Gajim 1.4 User Interface. Gajim is an XMPP client written in Python. It currently receives a big UI overhaul, of which the first results were presented at the Office Hours.🎙️

@gajim Pretty cool improvements! One idea I had instantly while watching the video: Wouldn't it make sense to keep workspaces and roster groups in sync? This way you could organize your chats also across devices/clients which might not have the workspaces feature.

@bjoern syncing workspaces across devices is surely a thing we should think about. But there is no standard yet. Syncing with roster groups would exclude MUCs.

@gajim just watched the recording, apparently missed the event yesterday.

WOW. I am impressed!

The workspace feature is a cool idea to get some order. Although the account coloring is already an improvement I am missing in all the other clients right now 😉

Soooo looking forward to 1.4 release!

Thanks a lot!

@gajim wow great improvements. Really like the gajim decided to go. Makes it much more viable as a team chat client and easier to organize chats in general.

Do you accept SEPA donations?

@Muto Thanks a lot!
"asterix", the founder of Gajim accepts SEPA (and hosts all services). You can reach him at

@gajim I think it would be good to have the option to make some chats global, meaning visible on all workspaces

didn't hear that in the video

@Muto at the moment, chats are exclusive for each workspace. Let’s see how that works out. We’ll gather feedback!

@gajim It's been a long time since I used XMPP, but seeing this video makes me want to try to go back to it. Really nice interface! Great job, folks!

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