@mike ...brewed in this, my favourite teapot.
This was my great aunt's, and is one of my favourite things.

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Guess I really need to sort out hosting my own rss reader.

Suggestions? Tips?

I'm contemplating providing a spybook lifeboat for my friends, so went to have a look at . Love their front page greeting!

This is a thing that I made the other month to raise my laptop's screen up to a comfortable height.
The whole family use the desk, so it couldn't be a permanent thing.
I glued a hub into it for the keyboard and the wireless mouse dongle.

gif of it in action: media.giphy.com/media/TAtYT1n1

And for all you keyboard nerds, the TKL was £15 from Amazon. I bought it because it has the same layout as my laptop. 😀

Popped out to the garage for some post-work therapeutic woodworking. Am now waiting for some glue to set, whilst reclining in my hammock, which just happens to fit perfectly in the garage!
Coincidentally, the beer fridge is out here, and beer52 delivered last week...

#Ukpol offensive content 

Bunch of c*nts.

This actually made me laugh out loud. Just like that emojii thingy.

This was an easy 500 pc. Done by lunchtime.
I've got an evil looking 1000 pc for the rest of the day, week, month...

On one of my 'backup' photo CDROMs, all the files are named in "chinese". Google translate reckons some of them are called 'fake' and 'sham.
That's defo not what I saved them as. I'm fairly certain they're probably called P00123.jpg or summat similar.
Any ideas as to what happened to the files?

Due to COVID19-induced unemployment, I'm getting a ton of chores done around the home.
Today, sanding and oiling outdoor furniture in the lovely spring sunshine! 😎

I should either be doing some work, or replying to a lawyer's letter.
However, a is infinitely more appealing.

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