My kids' high school computer education is non-existent.

Any recommendations for teaching compsci to 11 - 14yr olds? Websites, books, games, etc...

@gairsty My job provides me with access to, which seems pretty good. It's run by LinkedIn, which in turn is owned by Microsoft (and all their videos seem to be done on Macs), so if you're good with all that, it might be worth a look. I'm not sure how much it costs outside of the enterprise though.

@gairsty teaches basic programming concepts in the form of an RPG. It's really fun!

@gairsty My mom started me on a free course on when I was 12. At the time I was more or less indifferent to it but I am very grateful now. (Also first heard about :duckduckgo: from udacity!)

This is 30% of my income right now. Teaching kids programming related stuff. They took the pc labs out of our school district and thought "tablets will do". What a joke.

@gairsty Khan Academy is a great resource and its free! I'd give their compsci courses a look:

@gairsty There are many online courses that seem to work but in my experience they only teach how to type stuff to get results rather than how everything works top down. Which is not computer science, it's just programming.

And I mean this approach works if you don't want to move above JS but if you want them to *actually* learn computer science, a textbook will explain all the concepts pretty well.

@gairsty,, look for Code Clubs, Coder Dojos or Raspberry Jams in your area. 😁

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