quite fancy guardian website (its about something they call #brexit - no idea what they are talking about but the interactive graphics are cool even if canvas not #svg)


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The world is laughing at us, not with us. Venice. When I asked the waiter what was on the brexit pizza, he said "we promise it comes with everything but it actually comes with nothing and its also expensive and very hard to digest".... Genius!
#facciamoeuropa #fbpe #brexit

When you order books, don't order them by Amazon.

When you just want to read but don't insist on owning them, ask the local library to order them for you. University libraries have often special offers for students.

When you want to buy it for yourself, order it to a local bookstore. That makes the postman's life less stressful and protects the environment.

Also you have to go out to get it, which is healthier for you.

Well that was a very enjoyable few hours recycling old Ikea shelves to house my "server farm" and drives and stuff in the cupboard under the stairs.
Slightly surprised that from a certain angle it looks like a duck...

Should have it finished tomorrow.

Are you afraid yet?

This is a good summary (5:47 minutes) of some of the disasters facing the UK if there is no-deal #Brexit


#NoDeal #politics

USPOL Lies, Damnned Lies and Questionable Statistics. Show more

Aaaaargh!! All my tabs have vanished from on reboot!


Yay. Root canal at the dentist this morning.
Am looking forward to an afternoon of drooling...

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My son asked me to explain #Brexit recently. So, I told him to imagine if he & 27 of his classmates pooled their Lego & built for years. Then one day, one of them wants to leave & would like their Lego back. The blue ones.

He immediately grasped how complicated that would be.

β€œThere is nothing at McDonald’s that makes it necessary to have teeth.” β€” Harvard nutritionist Jean Mayer, Time, 1973


Before I go ruining my instance, is there any way to give a user their username back? I assume I can do something with the database but I'm not 100% certain.

Friend made an account, I promoted them to admin expecting to have to option to demote them if needed but I found that I didn't. So I had them delete their account then remake it. Only to find that their username was taken.

Anyone know how to fix this so they can have the same username?

(please boost πŸ™)

#MastoAdmin #Mastodon

When I do get the SSL sorted, I'll treat myself to a shiny new !

After quite a few failed attempts, I have mostly got running on a - syncing files between pi, laptop & phone!
I did have to sit down and CONCENTRATE and not tit around with other stuff. Amazing.

Now, the certificate malarky is beyond me, any tips from those of you who do this kind of thing for a living??

(This is the guide I followed, pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-ne)

Dear #fediverse. I work as an #architect and design buildings that harm the planet. I am looking for a practicing #engineer who can teach me building energy modelling using #opensource tools. I have a background in software dev, run #gentoo #linux and am willing to learn down to the details.

I do not have a background in heat transfer or thermodynamics, which is why I am asking for a tutor.

I promise to use this to design better buildings.

Please help retoot this so I can find someone.

Wondering if I can get my bookmarked and Favorites toots as an RSS feed... Hard to know from mobile but I will find out later from laptop.. It could be useful to trigger automated actions.. I could bookmark a toot and ifttt or zapier or a neutral self-hosted webhook could take the toot content link and save it in pocket or save it to my blog or email it somewhere... Still thinking about use cases :)

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