I have a colleague who has a large collection of usb sticks, who needs some form of software to manage them.
Any suggestions?

(OS is Windows. )

"Our refreshed range of Ubuntu Laptops now includes NVIDIA RTX graphics, up to 64GB memory, thinner bezels than ever, and the all-new Helios Workstation Laptop with a Desktop Core i9 processor option. entroware.com/store/laptops"


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Well, she did say last time that it was absolutely the last chance. So given her record of never speaking a single word of truth it was always obvious that Meaningful Vote Four was on the cards.

Extending the change in percent of MPs voting for the deal out to the next, we find that should the rate of MPs changing their mind continue the forth vote should just about clinch it.

We don't know at what rate the public are changing their mind because only MPs are allowed to do that.


"Man is known by the company he keeps."

The Brexit march(es)/demo(s) with Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and an Orange Order Flute band.

Says it all really...


What a day to bury bad news - Vote Leave has today dropped it's appeal against the ruling that it broke the law.


(Apologies for the link, it's buried in the current live feed...)

So the mess we're in today is at least in part due to the actions of a group that now admit they broke the law to get us here. Words fail me. Never mind a second referendum, I'd like a *first* one, since the previous result must, in my view, be considered invalid.

Multi-platform note taker, including web and terminal, with a web clipper, tasks, markdown, and sync through nextCloud ??

It's EVERYTHING I've been wanting!

(cue disappointment when I realize there's something I definitely didn't want :-p)

But seriously, this looks immensely promising...!


That's more like the English (country) pronunciation-"sc-own". Whereas in Scotland it is "sc-on".

Wikipedia has a pronunciation section:


โ€“ easily and securely share files of any size directly between devices using your browser.


Have been utterly immersed in work for the last 4 days. Miles of timeline on here to scroll through, and 1000+ unread RSS articles.
However, I have a 2hr train ride home, a supply of good music and gin - should make some headway...

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The Three Phases of Civilizational Collapse

1. Facebook Down

2. White House Down

3. Watership Down

Facebook trying to be 'all about privacy' is like a butchery saying they're all about vegan food.

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