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:teapot: !

Thanks @mike that's made my Friday!!!

(off now for a :teapot: of Yorkshire Tea)

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Is it bad that my default approach to train travel is to skip to M&S singing, "gin in a tin" to the tune of 'Blankety Blank'???

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This is fucking genius. Read the tweet and then watch the video. I couldn't stop laughing!

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I am looking for some online stations for decent music, has anybody recommendations?

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They should save money, ditch the helicopter and pay me to do the traffic report instead.

"Thanks Biffo, well bad news again today I'm afraid, I can report that there are still too many cars. Drivers are advised to catch the train instead.

Montague Street Bridge is still clear after 27 days, so that's some good news.

Unfortunately it's a nightmare out there for cyclists, avoid living in a car-centric city with inadequate active-transport infrastructure if you can.

Back to you Biffo"

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#religious conversion therapy UK 

The people who are responsible for the site are quite horrid.
Warning, this article and the linked site may well raise your blood pressure.

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For all who are holding "But Apple supports iPhones for 5 years" up, I want to remind you, that Fairphone release a new Android version for the almost 6 year old Fairphone 2 just 2 weeks ago.

Yes, it's android 9, but that's fine, that's supported. (it was also just ported to Android 9 just in April. And if it falls out of official support, there can still be custom ROMs.)

Oh and obviously you can still buy replacement parts directly.

#Fairphone #sustainability

any experience, comments on gl.inet kit?
Looks good, but wondered about other people's experience, particularly the small WiFi routers.

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So you „did your research“ on covid vaccines and decided you’re not going get vaccinated. Ok. Just answer these few questions to make sure you know what you’re talking about. I’ll wait.

Does anyone know of a drawing application that sits between draw (not quite enough options for me)
and (too many bewildering options)??

Doing layout options for simple shapes in a space...

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Stop being AGAINST. Find something to be FOR and find friends that think the same. Being FOR something is rewarding. Being AGAINST just makes you miserable. #LifeHack

#ukpol one rule for them, one rule for us... 

20% Increase in Child Poverty in Constituencies Represented by MPs Who Have Earned £6 Million

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Ah, Monopoly, but for the UK conservatives.

Can’t do picture description on this iPad app. But it’s a fake Monopoly board game with various Tory coverups, sleaze, problems they’ve caused and conflicts of interests.

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This is interesting: a UK website that tells you the best time to run an energy-intensive appliance to minimise carbon emissions

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I suspect this will be a defining image of COP26 in years to come: a (maskless) Prime Minister asleep at the wheel, sitting next to a 95 year-old naturalist trying to do something about the climate emergency

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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Currently in 10 day isolation with covid, and am discovering the joy of Bandcamp!

No idea why I failed to get into it before as it ticks all the boxes: no big labels in the way, unlimited streaming AND downloads of the tracks you buy, AND Fugazi are on there!!!

So far my favourite find is Extrawelt.

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Don’t call it „tax the rich“. Just call it „paying a progressive wealth dividend“ and tax wealth *gain* with 25%. You keep 75% but you share a quarter with the society that enables you to extract that wealth from it. Fair deal?

Used W**dows 10 today, and didn't swear once.

I must be coming down with something.

How do I mount a dir shared from a Mac on Linux?

I've looked on DDG but my brain is unable to phrase the question in such a way as to get the answer reqd.

Thank you.

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