Hey has anyone set up Nextcloud and Mycroft on a Pi? I'm thinking of doing it without using the default images from the respective sites (as I seem to remember one uses Jessie, the other Stretch). I know people play around with both quite a lot on here, but has anyone done a combination of the two? Cheers!

Clarification: by 'crap' I mean dealing with different people's expectations and understanding of technology.

Relocated the entire family's email from godaddy to fastmail, on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, with no hassle.
Not sure I could do this kind of crap for a living though. Respect to sysadmins et al!

I want an automated switchboard that is honest

"Your call is not particularly important to us. We all have lots to be getting on with already. Listen to this Verdi loop and consider sending an email next time"

However, no-one noticed that I had utterly and totally broken their email for most of the day.
That's defo a WIN!

Yesterday I started thinking about moving from gmail to .

Some of it went smoothly, some of it not so smoothly.

The bits where fastmail transferred my mails from gmail went smoothly.
In fact most of the fastmail bits went smoothly.

Any bit that involved me and godaddy may have broken me and my family's email...

Luckily godaddy's phone support are good, and after an hour we undid the deadly combination of my ignorance and their presumption that I require a US server...

In preparation for moving from gmail to , I thought I'd tidy up some of my labels/folders.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am surprised by how much unnecessary crap I have lying around in gmail...

Thank you for all the responses to my request for intel on on educational stuff. Greatly appreciated! Thank you

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Always thought beekeeping was super cool. With this hive, I might try doing it myself:

@gairsty There are many online courses that seem to work but in my experience they only teach how to type stuff to get results rather than how everything works top down. Which is not computer science, it's just programming.

And I mean this approach works if you don't want to move above JS but if you want them to *actually* learn computer science, a textbook will explain all the concepts pretty well.

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My kids' high school computer education is non-existent.

Any recommendations for teaching compsci to 11 - 14yr olds? Websites, books, games, etc...

I must admit that #Mastodon is starting to grow on me.

The iOS app (Amaroq) is not perfect, but definitely #GoodEnough.

Thanks to masto.host it is a matter of minutes to have your "own" instance.

The federation seems to work as expected.

The twitter bridge [1] works and via [2] I could find a lot of Mastodon accounts of my twitter friends. It really reminds me of the good ole identi.ca times!

[1] crossposter.masto.donte.com.br
[2] bridge.joinmastodon.org/

I forgot, I also watched 'Beasts of no Nation'. Quite harrowing, but good nonetheless.

Watched a few films on my recent long haul flight.
1. 'I, Daniel Blake' - bloody brilliant.
2. 'In the Mood for Love' - sumptuous and brilliant.
3. 'Sharknado' - errr, must've been drunk when I put that on my phone. At the very least I enjoyed spotting the Jaws references.

Along with the G+ refugees, anyone else noticing an increase in people stepping away from Gmail? Or am I just sensitive to it as I intend to do it in the next month or so...

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