We’re now on Mastodon 2.9, which comes with the new single column layout.

New users will get the new layout, but existing users will need to switch.

You can switch between the single and multi column layouts by going to Settings > Preferences > Appearance then enabling/disabling the “Advanced Web Interface”.

Mostly this week, in my head, I have been replacing the words 'artisan' and 'hipster', whenever I see them, with the word, 'wanky'.

Not enough hours in the day, but I'd love to do this little project.

A PyPortal ISS tracker: learn.adafruit.com/pyportal-is

I'll add it to the list... .

"Bose Corp spies on its wireless headphone customers by using an app that tracks the music, podcasts and other audio they listen to, and violates their privacy rights by selling the information without permission, a lawsuit charged." – reuters.com/article/us-bose-la #Privacy #Bose

Through Sunday: You can get a limited edition "Tor: At the Heart of Internet Freedom" t-shirt featuring a quote from Snowden on the back for a $39 donation. Enter '39' into the 'other' box, and we will contact you about sizing. donate.torproject.org

Is it safe to come back on the internet?
Has eurovision finished yet?

For work, I have to use proprietary software that is either windoze or mac. I run win10 (shudder) in virtual box and/or vmware, yet the software pops up an error message demanding openGL 2.0.
I've DDGed. I've googled. I've cursed Bill Gates. No joy. I thought I'd beaten it with vmware, but I haven't.

Does anyone have any insights into how to make work?

If only work could be FOSS...

UK trains 

The company I'm calling has an automated call system. It just gave me 4 options of type of music to listen to whilst I'm sitting on hold! WTF!

(I've gone for Motown...)

Why can't we go back to 80's design rules for electronics?

I'd love to build something functional with this look. This is the control panel of the Aliens movie (first one) ship.

More here: hopesandfears.com/hopes/cultur

Ate too many Haribo.
Not going to be a productive afternoon at work...

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