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50⬇️ 15⬆️ @ home
4.2⬇️ 4.2⬆️ Hotel wifi (naked)
2.7⬇️ 2.0⬆️ Hotel wifi (VPNed)
Not as fast as home, but not a lot slower than the hotel's providing.
Not bad for an idiot and a raspi B!

Feeling very smug about my as I'm sat here in China, surfing non-approved websites on the hotel WiFi.

Presently standing in a long queue for airport security. The two glaswegians behind me have just opened a couple of tins of lager.
I'm torn between admiring their forethought, and hoping they're not on my flight.

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Anyone knows of a public instance of a FOSS rss reader? I want a good web-based rss reader but dont want to pay and/or self-host..

Wow, do I feel stoopid. I've been using linux for a few years now, and only now do I realise how bloody useful a .bash_aliases file is. Particularily when duplicated across all the house computers!

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“How much lying can you pack into one tweet? It was a meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from emissaries of the Russian government. It is not at all clear that it was legal. It is not the sort of thing ever done in politics. We don’t know whether it “went anywhere...” Trump — who, when the meeting was revealed, personally dictated a false statement designed to obscure its real purpose."

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Life expectancy in the Paleolithic: 33 years.

Paleolithic diet, anyone?

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Is there a Mastodon Instance dedicated to beer?

As a backup to my VPN setup, I also invested in . Vypr worked fine on my phone with their app, but not very well on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop. Had to follow instructions for PPTP setup.

All good now, and not that much hard work for an idiot like me!

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A couple of people from various instances have mentioned that is confusing at first. So I decided to write a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Mastodon.

Hopefully this helps new users to Mastodon. Please do Boost if you feel it could be useful to others.

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The word "chum" can mean either

* a very close friend
* a chopped up body thrown into the water to feed sharks

OpenVPN help reqd lovely people.

Have just set up PiVPN on one of my spare pis, and am now trying to add a client.
After running $ sudo pivpn add
I get the following result.

It appears to not know whoami.

Any ideas?

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Just had to queue to get onto a website. Wtf!
Is this just a case of under-specced servers?

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"I would like to contribute to software, but I'm not a programmer"

Okay, let's change it :)

#FedoraMagazine provides a weekend guide to python programming :)

3 guides with very basic steps and explanations about how and why to do things :)

There is nothing to lose :)

#linux #python #Fedora #weekend

@kev how do I send a link to this instance to a friend?

Netflix and cackle -
Bill Hicks: Sane Man

If only he were still around now...