It's long but worth reading. Arming yourself with weapons of understanding in today's world of bad claims and bad arguments.

#CriticalThinking #Education

See also [ ].

I have an occasional need for a 3d program at work, to draw cuboids of various sizes to help figure how to pack them in a large cuboid.
I just tried bricsCAD shape, but it crashed every time I copy/pasted.
I don't want to to return to sketchup, so does anyone have any foss suggestions?

⌨️ new (to me) handy GNOME keyboard shortcut: "q" to quit app while using Alt-Tab to cycle through apps

I did well today. Left home alone, and it was several hours before I broke my network! A new record!

I love that Berkoff's favourite TV is Springwatch!

Steven Berkoff Q&A: “I’d like to live in the 1880s and mix with Oscar Wilde”

After hearing Trump's new slogan "Love it or Leave it", I knew I had seen it somewhere else before

Currently I'm annoying him by asking the all the Easter eggs. ("pod Bay doors" "who you gonna call?" etc etc...)

This is not amusing him.

This is amusing me!

My father in law has just got an Echo Dot. When I noticed it, I asked, "Alexa, buy me a new Macbook Pro."

And she put one in the basket.

And my father in law was deeply displeased!

And once I'd stopped laughing I asked the eavesdropper to remove it.

Chores for the evening completed.

Option A: set-up on a Raspi.
Option B: sit outside in the warm evening drinking an industrial-strength gin and tonic.

Defo B.

@gairsty I ❤️ DDG. Bangs make it easier to get to stuff I know I want. Like articles on the Archlinux wiki, or IMDB results. I honestly don’t know how people work with Google, it feels so limited.

Some guys at work were discussing but were complaining that they weren't getting the results they wanted.

Their poor heads nearly exploded when I demonstrated search bangs...

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