Can somebody recommend a privacy-respecting, not-tracking URL shortening service?

📻 (also, Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone is especially good this evening)

I think I need to learn how to use databases.
Spreadsheets aren't scaling up for the application I have in mind.

All tips gratefully received, particularly with links to good learning resources.

I just opened LibreOffice Base, flinched, and then closed it again.

Non-command line would on this occasion be preferable (other people may need to use it)


Support EFF whether they are talking to policymakers, writing code for Privacy Badger, or fighting in the courts to protect free speech and privacy online. Donate today!

Whilst rummaging in a tin of important stuff, I found a usb wifi dongle. Popped it into my testing and it picks up the house wifi from the garage...

So, the question is, would the detached garage count as an off-site backup location?

I have a day off tomorrow.
May be spending some time playing here,

Sad news, Daft Punk have split up. 🤖 | 🤖

I was going to screenshot sunday until I realised that neither my wallpaper or distro has changed in months... Obvs quite happy with and hi-res images of the moon

How many types of mongers are there?

I'm familiar with "fishmongers" and "fearmongers", but I'm guessing there are others that aren't coming to mind.

The best part of RSS is that nobody gets your email address. 📬

I work a 4 days on, 2 days off shift pattern. Today is the last of 4 days on. My wife does not appreciate me proclaiming, "it's FRIDAAAAY!" whilst guzzling homebrew, when she's got work tomorrow...

Just spent 2 minutes with the Federated Timeline open, before running for cover.
A new record!

#Followerpower. Do I know an expert on #NFC Tags and ISO 14443 chips with practical experience on how to write password protected data to them? I am willing to pay for your time. I have some basic questions on a specific usecase (identity documents and mobile phones). DMs open

The perfect prank with a bitter sweet aftertaste. Well played,, I am in awe :)

"she pointed out these are all the same qualifications the actual Twitter app requires of its users requesting verified status."

#ukpol '“Following” the science is, of course, distinct from being “informed” by it.' 

Why Boris Johnson can’t claim to have “followed the science” on Covid-19

#covid #worldpol a very interesting read... 

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