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Es ist alles einfach nur so kaputt... 🤮
"Urteil des Bundessozialgerichts: Bekommt ein Kellner, der zugleich Aufstocker ist, von seinem Arbeitgeber kostenlos Essen und Getränke, darf ihm dies vom Hartz IV abgezogen werden."

Abschiebungen nach #Afghanistan sollten gestoppt werden. Sofort. Verstehe nicht, was es da noch groß zu überlegen gibt. 😢

Ok so the only way for me to solve this was by isolating the searx docker container and routing all of it's network traffic through a vpn client container. Wireshark says: no more connections to google bing or whatever :-) speed is great too.

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Any of you guys self-host searx? I set it up with an outbound socks5 proxy through my vpn provider. I figured this way is more private because it hides my ip from google. The question is: how do I know now if the proxying works? As a test I tried changing one character in the auth passw. however this did not break searx. This makes me suspicious that it is not proxying at all. Does anyone have an idea how to test which IP google sees for my search requests? :-)) i hope that was clear...

At 8:05 am today, I became a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany... no ceremony, no pledge of alliegence and no handshake under corona virus regulations. Basically, a clerk gave me a piece of paper through a plexi glass. Quite the anti climax. Still, Im glad 😊


Germany: Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) last to announce agenda for 2021 elections

They certainly took their time, but on June 21, the two chairmen of the sister parties CDU and CSU announced the party platform on which the Union is running under chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. The agenda doesn’t fail to dissapoint. A quick analysis.


Party platform of the Liberals and possible cooperation with the Greens - The campaign and growing support of Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) and possibilities of their cooperation with other parties like the Greens and CDU (“Jamaica”) or Greens and SPD (“Traffic Light”) after the 2021 Bundestag elections

I recently installed Peppermint OS on a USB drive. It runs really fast! It's nice that I can take it with me plug it into any computer and just pick up where I left off... without the need to actually carry any hardware around! So far I tested it on my office HP desktop, my ZenBook and my old Surface Pro 2 and it even boots on my MacBook (!) - no issues.
what are some other good portable linux distros out there?

San Antonio Spurs players set up an in-flight LAN to play Starcraft after winning the 1999 NBA championship, whose trophy sits on the floor

Follow up to my earlier post on Clubhouse

so I just got a Clubhouse invite from a friend of mine and I managed to join up without owning an iPhone using a Clubhouse client that runs on Docker (thus avoiding some privacy issues outlined in my post, but I may eventually get banned :-) )

As of this moment, I am having difficulty finding any actual content that interests me... We'll see how this works out

Baerbock wins Green nomination #Superwahljahr2021 German politics, opinionated 

The 40-year-old party chairwoman and pragmatic green politician becomes first ever female chancellorship candidate of her party, promises to be candidate of change. Continued high support for Green party in polls gives her a real shot as Merkel’s successor. In first interview after nomination, Baerbock advocates for hardliner course against Russia and China.

So, after using Nextcloud for a while and disliking the archival format, my wife wants me to set up something like Mastodon, but just for family communication.

Is it possible to make a private, invitation-only instance that doesn't interoperate with the rest of the world?

Also, is one of the alternative Fedi systems (Plemora, Friendica, etc.) better for this?

We have a decent number of barely computer literate family members across a wide variety of different devices.

Tutanota is blocked in Russia to stop encrypted communication. We need to fight for privacy around the world. ✊ If you are affected, you can still access Tutanota with @torproject or a vpn.
#privacy #surveillance #russia #censorship #freespeech

Germany's STIKO withdraws recommendation of AstraZeneca shot for people under 60

The newest decision of Germany’s top vaccine agency will almost definitely delay the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany by months.

I think I will get my grandma on Ubuntu or Mint. The only thing she really does is printing things and surfing the web anyway

The week in German COVID-19 politics 

This week’s inconsistent pandemic management and communications chaos makes priorities of Merkel government painfully obvious. Interests of commerce and employers take precedence over pandemic control.

#COVID19 #Germany

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