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Ey up,
I heard of Mastodon yesterday from a tweet sent out from my RaspPi bot, telling me that Google had pulled Tusky from Play.

I considered if Google doesn't like it, then it must be worth taking a look 😁

I'm a data scientist, gamer, Linux fan, husband, father, vegan, ex hedonist, recovering Yorkshireman in exile out in the colonies

I'm really impressed by how friendly this place is, and I look forward to contributing to discussions, and understanding what's going on πŸ˜‹

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Hello folks! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

I'm new here. I'm really into

I'm co-authoring a multiplayer game in Rust (currently pre-alpha):

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πŸ‘‹ Hello Foostodon!

I've decided to Mastodon a good try this time.
πŸ‘€ Who's this guy?

- I code charts for a living
- Love coding games, maps and 3D graphics.
- Worked for a remote company before it was cool.
- Like and owning my data.
- Trying to get into blogging
- Based in πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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@Tusky @fdroidorg

UPDATE - Tusky is back in Play Store, developer just posted about it:

However, I would strongly advise everyone to install F-Droid anyway. It's much better for your privacy and it is a plan B in case Google does stuff like this again.

The installation is easy if you take it one step at a time (see this guide: ) , and once it's installed it works like any other app store.

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@gabor @flowerenby @clinkingdog The Fosstodon instance actually encourages posting about different topics:

But they do have a policy of being English-only (with a few exceptions):

Which is why I mentioned I could create a new account somewhere else if I feel like posting in Portuguese.

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It is truly amazing how much I have learned since I joined Fosstodon.

I went from vaguely being able to write Python scripts to publishing my own apps in just a few months and after years of stagnation.

The atmosphere and community here is just so motivating to learn new stuff and try new things.

I am really looking forward to the next cool FOSS app I discover or the next interesting and nice Person I will meet in the Fediverse

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We are in the process of pushing our desktop clients out of beta. You can now drag and drop emails to store them locally easier! πŸ’ͺπŸ₯³πŸ‘‡ What other features would you like to see in the desktop client?

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Being still relatively new to Mastodon, this is something I am genuinely curious about:

Do you have Mastodon accounts on multiple instances?
:mastodon: - :mastodon: :mastodon: - > :mastodon: :mastodon:

Ah I forgot to include this request, but a few boosts from all you "influencers" πŸ˜‰ would be appreciated for bigger sample size... πŸ™

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Being still relatively new to Mastodon, this is something I am genuinely curious about:

Do you have Mastodon accounts on multiple instances?
:mastodon: - :mastodon: :mastodon: - > :mastodon: :mastodon:

German election hype 2021 next episode:

In the wake of two state elections

Greens gain support while CDU takes political damage for corruption affairs and pandemic mismanagement

Writing about the current relationship between Russia and the West 

In the Navalny case, propaganda is state sponsored and present on both sides. Russian propaganda is scrambling to cast at least some amount of doubt on the poisoning of Navalny by Russian state actors. Propaganda in the West is, in the meantime, engaged in a kind of white-washing that tries to show Navalny as a hero and a real opponent to Putin, which is false.

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really impresses me. I like the look and feel, configurability, distribution ethos and the fact that it's the underdog. It amazes me that someone could take on this task in a market that's pretty much saturated and develop such an excellent android app. If I end up staying on android, this is the email app for me. I will buy the pro features if I do.

my wife will get one day of home office with her new job long-term and we are looking to buy a 27" display for docking her Lenovo Yoga. It will mainly be used for office applications. We can invest a little bit more. Harder to shop for a monitor now, since stores are still closed so only option is ordering online. Can you guys recommend any display in particular?

For you English speakers interested in German politics -

Next up in my German-election-hype series: The SPD's green agenda for 2021, overshadowed by their shady support of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

anyone else has issues with Firefox on MacOS? A lot of websites just appear weird and distorted... it's kind of always been like this, which is why I don't use it on my Mac (I use Opera)

can someone explain this?
it's what's under "operating systems" if I analyze my Apache logs with Goaccess... it's 70% of my visitors πŸ˜‚

next up in my posts on German politics (gearing up to the elections this year...): the-less-than-enthusiastic commitment of probable Green chancellor candidate Habeck to freeing Julian Assange... and I have a look at other German parties' approach to the issue (spoiler alert: everyone wants him set free, even the far right)

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