@wizzwizz4 @jd that's exactly what I figured. I have to come up with a way of filtering this out 'cos my statistics are basically bullshit like this. Do you have a suggestion?

can someone explain this?
it's what's under "operating systems" if I analyze my Apache logs with Goaccess... it's 70% of my visitors 😂

next up in my posts on German politics (gearing up to the elections this year...): the-less-than-enthusiastic commitment of probable Green chancellor candidate Habeck to freeing Julian Assange... and I have a look at other German parties' approach to the issue (spoiler alert: everyone wants him set free, even the far right)


@fredl99 politico.eu/article/germany-co

many reports on this. Not enough compared to what the government would like to have. Whatever they have is, however, not used up (mainly organizational reasons)! Crazy, I know. Read more about it in my post

Following up on my earlier posts about my COVID-19 vaccination a few days ago, I wrote a blog post today to "promote" the AstraZeneca vaccine a little... I don't hold stock in the company :-) but it annoys me that it's lying around in warehouses. Don't know about you, but I can't wait to get this pandemic behind us. I do hope that vaccination in Germany and everywhere else will soon pick up speed!


@hund mine is english only, even though most of my professional correspondence is in German. To have several would be too much of a bother

@moddedBear @urusan scary, while also holding great promise for people with disabilities

@rudolf yes you are right actually there is not enough data on the elderly according to authoritative sources 👍

Update: i did get a reaction in the end, I woke up in the night with chills and body aches. Now some headache. Managing with OTC painkillers. It wasn't too bad, however it is still the strongest I have reacted to any vaccine that I can remember.

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@rudolf I am medical staff (I work pediatric ER shifts) that's why I was even on the list. Currently, the other vaccines are reserved for the elderly, as AZ doesn't work well for them. It's a rational distribution of available resources, that's all there is to it. If everyone waits around for their "ideal vaccine", we'll still be in Lockdown come next Christmas :-) Public health measures tend to fail when individuals try to outsmart the system. Montgomery's comments were harmful, agreed

I got the AstraZeneca shot today! I feel a little bit of the vaccination reaction coming on, but not too bad. I am glad I got it. There is a little bit of a hysteria developing around this particular brand of vaccine in Germany. I think it's important that people look at getting vaccinated as a community project, and not as a race for a resource, where you have to make sure you get the shot with the biggest possible advantage for yourself (arguably Pfizer or Moderna).


@fatboy I wrote about this too, from a German perspective. Clubhouse is a big hype here, too!


@werwolf I was checking out Searx based on your comment and the article. I have a question about the architecture: if you run your own instance, would your search queries at Google not be linkable to you by IP and domain?

@AaronTheIssueGuy To me, Mycroft is a toy. You can have some good fun with Mycroft! Since it's very tedious to get him to run on a mobile device, I did not end up using him as a digital assistant, though.

Tweet from @mikko (@mikko), at Feb 19, 2:59 PM
Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows. t.co/bsx0HukK9P

:tux: :mars_photo: :tux:

@ecliptik I haven't been able to crack it yet. I am getting "cgi error" even though the container is perfectly capable of running bash scripts... but I have only tried it with gemserv maybe it works with something else...

@ecliptik haha I am used to nano and I have the same if I have to use vi... 🙂

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