Roe v Wade implications for privacy online 

With the overturning of Roe v Wade, this org. called "Digital Defense Fund" made this bulletin specifically for women looking for information about abortion online, as their browser history, text messages etc. may now be used as evidence against them... (by the way WTF...)

Apps and services that are mentioned are Tor, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, no logs VPN, and E2E messengers including Matrix (!)

Despite all the criticism because of the missing public timeline, I think the new Mastodon app looks very streamlined and pretty. I like it a lot so far maybe it will be attractive to people coming from commercial social media?

Now at a 100 downloads 🙂

@Snowden 's
opinion piece on the privacy issues raised by Apple's policy shift (landslide....) pushing user side content screening (yikes)

Hilarious drawing was also in the post

can someone explain this?
it's what's under "operating systems" if I analyze my Apache logs with Goaccess... it's 70% of my visitors 😂

I got the AstraZeneca shot today! I feel a little bit of the vaccination reaction coming on, but not too bad. I am glad I got it. There is a little bit of a hysteria developing around this particular brand of vaccine in Germany. I think it's important that people look at getting vaccinated as a community project, and not as a race for a resource, where you have to make sure you get the shot with the biggest possible advantage for yourself (arguably Pfizer or Moderna).

I am in a tinkering mood, and
wanted to explore the gemini world and try building a site 🙂

the idea of gemini is charming, it appeals to me a lot. I remember when I was little and www used to be a lot like this

Managed to install MSOffice on Ubuntu using Winapps! Performance is really good, almost seamless. Also had to convert my Linux partition to LVM to be able to extend the root partition and make space for the Windows VM (should have setup LVM in the first place). Was quite a task. If this setup works, I will seriously consider getting rid of my Windows partition for good. :ubuntu:

yeyy! (old Nexus 7 tablet... :-)) ready to start exploring Lineage OS

Got Matrix server with federation support up and running... :-)

Appearantly, they were able to fix it :-) embarassing

Anyone else tried the DuckDuckGo browser for Android? I am a fan of this "Burn after reading" feature :-) makes me feel good

revived my surface pro 2 with Ubuntu 20.04, minimal optimization, battery life much better again, I m loving it. Got everything to work including Surface cover, trackpad and webcam. Great tablet experience as well!

Hello , goodbye - now running up-to-date version of Nextcloud!

The move from Owncloud V 10.5 was a real pain in the bum... 😃

Shout out to all the people encouraging me to make the switch

I made some scripts for Ubuntu Server to regularly run internet speed tests and send a graphical report once a week to the sysadmin by email. To see if I am getting what I am paying my ISP for :-) The download speeds are relatively constant, but the uploads almost always fall short of the 50 Mbps

Anyone else here a fan of ? For me it's by far the cheapest way to store just about anything... I can still find new LTO-3 tapes (400-800 GB) on ebay for under 10 EUR and I only payed 50 EUR for this old HP drive :-) I wrote a few scripts to do regular automated backups of our server that are also logged and reported in emails

now Mycroft has a tiny screen! Still need to build him a casing. And I am working on getting him to send reminders etc as a Telegram push so he could be a real digital assistant...

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