greek ex-finance minister Varoufakis in a Twitter debate over a DS9 analogy :-) The best Star Trek by far IMHO

RT @yanisvaroufakis: Eddington deserted because he objected to a Federation treaty that forced some of its own settlers to return home to secure a peace that would save millions of lives => Eddington principled but wrong. Plus, his critique had no bearing on the Prime Directive

@Tay0 @trekkies I respect that :-) everyone has their favorite I guess. My sis loves Voyager the best. We used to watch them all when we were kids (and both still do from time to time :-)) From TNG I also really like the movies... and everything with The Borg in it is just awesome so that's where TNG and Voyager score better.
Still DS9 for me is the best cos it's very different and weird in some places (like the parralel worlds and the "story in story" stuff) it's just so freaky u gotta love it

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