What's the best App for iPhone for XMPP currently? The biggest issue for my iPhone contacts is that the app (ChatSecure, gets put to sleep, so that new message notifications stop after a while. Is there any progress on this front?

@hund how come Element can solve this issue for Matrix but none of the xmpp clients...? This may be the biggest clear practical advantage of Matrix over XMPP 😂

@gabor Most just don't want to spend the time, effort and/or money for a locked down walled garden.

For the most part, that's a good thing, but unfortunately it means that all Apple users are second citizens in the XMPP ecosystem.

Thankfully though, @snikket_im is working on a client.

@hund @snikket_im hm interesting! The website makes it sound like Snikket is an xmpp- based but independent ecosystem... does it "federate" with traditional xmpp?

Monal is the best but it's not everything you'd expect. It's usable.

Snikket is XMPP, just with a simplified set up and Snikket-branded apps, so you can talk to any XMPP user.

@hund @snikket_im

Yes, Snikket federates with XMPP! It is "just" an XMPP server at its heart.

Some reading material on how Snikket relates to other parts of the XMPP ecosystem:


In summary Snikket's goal is to open up the world of federated messaging to people who don't necessarily know what XMPP is.



That was the major reason my wife and I switched to Matrix. I couldn't find an iOS XMPP app for her that didn't have that issue

@PublicNuisance @gabor Lack of good mobile apps was a large reason I left XMPP a few years ago. It's too bad because running your own server was really simple and TUI clients were fun.


I loved Conversations on Android, just couldn't find a decent iOS option.

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