Being still relatively new to Mastodon, this is something I am genuinely curious about:

Do you have Mastodon accounts on multiple instances?
:mastodon: - :mastodon: :mastodon: - > :mastodon: :mastodon:

Ah I forgot to include this request, but a few boosts from all you "influencers" 😉 would be appreciated for bigger sample size... 🙏

@gabor I have two, but the second one is for my company @iokeyboards . They're even on the same instance. :)

@gabor I'm more of a random annoying cultist, than a influenser, but I'll boost it anyway. :P

*Looks at bio*
*Notices that coffee is spelled as cofe*

This is 110% Pleroma

@methyltheobromine @person @reynir @zatnosk @DHeadshot @thor @absturztaube @TransGal4872 @striker @zorglub @icedquinn @robby @yyp @moiety

I am very happy about all the engagement this simple poll is getting! (I have never experienced anything like it 😃) I myself have a Pixelfed account, that I don't use. I meant Mastodon only. But I am happy to have learnt about Pleroma and Misskey from y'all!

Thank you so much for participating, for the boosts and comments

sorry if I forgot to @ someone

@gabor @methyltheobromine @person @zatnosk @DHeadshot @absturztaube @TransGal4872 @striker @zorglub @icedquinn @robby @yyp @moiety sometimes, simple but good polls can strike a note with people. sometimes, a question just appeals to a lot of people. you struck one that a lot of people can relate to, and i can't recall anyone asking it before.
@gabor @DHeadshot @TransGal4872 @absturztaube @icedquinn @methyltheobromine @moiety @person @robby @striker @yyp @zatnosk @zorglub if you want your fediverse-related posts to have even broader appeal, consider substituting "Fediverse" for Mastodon, since there are quite a few of us who use other ActivityPub implementations, such as Pleroma or Friendica, etc.

@thor @icedquinn @TransGal4872 @absturztaube @person @yyp @zatnosk @zorglub @methyltheobromine @striker @moiety @DHeadshot @robby I certainly didn't want to offend anyone... but until today I really only knew about Mastodon, Pixelfed and PeerTube... (and gab, but that's not my cup of tea). I certainly didn't think that my poll will have such a wide reach! 😃 although I did ask for boosts...

@gabor I don't have a Mastodon account tho I do have a Pleroma account at that I don't use very much does that count?

@gabor I don't have a *2nd* Mastodon account.

@gabor where is the option for less than 1 🤔

@gabor voted 'one' as I only have one 'personal' account, though I also manage some project accounts.

it's probably make sense to create accounts on differnt platforms, not only in mastodon.
it's definitely worth look at pleroma, hubzilla, peertube

@reynir @gabor Follow up poll.

How many instances do you run?

@rune @gabor I love that it's implicit that you run at least one instance :D :D :D

@reynir @gabor Ah, right. I guess I excluded 99% of people right away.

@rune @gabor Who voted "way more than 2 instances"!? :D

@reynir @gabor That's what I'm wondering 😆

It's just one person, but they could have any number of instances. It's unbounded 😱

@rune @gabor And they were nice enough to not bomb the vote by voting from all their instances 😂

@gabor I'm "down" to 3 accounts in the fediverse. Only two of those are on Mastodon servers, but I still voted more than two here :P

At peak, I had six accounts - I couldn't keep all of them active, though.

@gabor i was an instance hopper until i set up a Pleroma instance for myself
@gabor (when you see instances with "pl" in the name, that's typically a Pleroma instance)

@gabor the second account is sometimes used as backup account for the case of problems with accounts main instance (mainly for smaller instances)
Some also differ content or languagewise between different accounts.

@gabor I have more than two, partly because I've been an admin on several sites and just like to experiment on the different platforms. Have you seen other parts of the fediverse, like Pleroma, Pixelfed, or Misskey?

@absturztaube I'm on and I like that one, but it's sort of like the of its platform! I did a search and can't seem to find a list of the other instances!

no mastodon account
a couple of pleroma accounts
a misskey account
2 peertube accounts
and there is still a funkwhale one somewhere

@gabor i have like three active accounts on two instances (though only one instance is mastodon, the other is pleroma)

and then i have a few backup accounts ready when needed

1 on mastodon (had 2 until yesterday)
1 on pleroma
1 on miskey
@gabor Pleroma is better. So I created my account on a Pleroma instance.
lol mastodon ? What's that ? sounds like an extinct animal.
@gabor I have almost 30 accounts because of testing things around during development…

But for the ones that I actually use basically one and I would keep at least one backup so last option anyway.

@gabor 9 on different instances at the last count.

@gabor I technically have older accounts but I don't use them anymore. This one was originally an alt and became my main. It seems to be a common thing on the fedi to eventually decide not to split yourself across themed topics (with exceptions)

@gabor Spider-Woman.

I have multiple:

1) Main account (this one)
2) Private account
3) An account I don’t use but it has a funny instance name
4) My first account here that I no longer use

@gabor I have this account and a Pleroma clone, and also the old one which is inactive so I guess two accounts

@gabor Two active ones and a bunch that I might log into from time to time.

@gabor More than two but these days I find I only use one in practice.

I found it useful to have more than one local timeline, as different communities would focus on different things (sometimes explicitly, sometimes not). That's still something that would be valuable to me if I had capacity for more social media time - I miss some of the communities I no longer check.

@gabor 8 pleroma accounts (plus a bunch on dead instances), 3 mastodon accounts, 1 funkwhale account, 1 peertube account

@gabor I am new to Mastodon myself and I only have one account, but I may create a new one in the future if I decide that I want to toot in Portuguese (which isn't possible in the Fosstodon instance).

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