I got the AstraZeneca shot today! I feel a little bit of the vaccination reaction coming on, but not too bad. I am glad I got it. There is a little bit of a hysteria developing around this particular brand of vaccine in Germany. I think it's important that people look at getting vaccinated as a community project, and not as a race for a resource, where you have to make sure you get the shot with the biggest possible advantage for yourself (arguably Pfizer or Moderna).

Update: i did get a reaction in the end, I woke up in the night with chills and body aches. Now some headache. Managing with OTC painkillers. It wasn't too bad, however it is still the strongest I have reacted to any vaccine that I can remember.

Germany is really making a mess.
That foolish Montgomery last year said folks should NOT wear masks, now he says Astrazeneca is no good. And the press happily spreads his rubbish.
Health minister Spahn set up a priority list where asylum seekers living in dorms get vaccinated before teachers and child carers do.
Last year, they gave 750 bil. Euro to Industry, 3 bil. alone to TUI, a travel/holidy company. But they only spent 3 bio. on vaccines.
People don't understand.

Astrazeneca is a little less effective than the others. Medical staff should get the most effective vaccine as they have intense contact. But for everyone else it is good enough. But the press coverage now leads to nobody wanting it.

@rudolf I am medical staff (I work pediatric ER shifts) that's why I was even on the list. Currently, the other vaccines are reserved for the elderly, as AZ doesn't work well for them. It's a rational distribution of available resources, that's all there is to it. If everyone waits around for their "ideal vaccine", we'll still be in Lockdown come next Christmas :-) Public health measures tend to fail when individuals try to outsmart the system. Montgomery's comments were harmful, agreed

If I recall it correctly, Astrazeneca was not proven to be ineffective over 65. There is simply no data for that age group.

Thank you for helping the these people while risking infection. You are on the good side :)

I found it here, they simply did not test on the elderly:
"AstraZeneca’s main trial in Britain started testing on adults no older than 55 because it initially focused on healthcare personnel and frontline workers in active duty."

@rudolf yes you are right actually there is not enough data on the elderly according to authoritative sources 👍

@gabor i only have an option of Sinopharm Vaccine from my place. Hence, I have not taken it yet. Will wait for Pfizer or Covaxin

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