I joined Gemini space two days ago and made my own self-hosted site. Since I didn't like the idea of installing ~1 GB of Rust dependencies to serve a 1 kB static page, I am employing a Docker-wrapped setup of Gemserv, totaling just 8 MB.
I wrote a detailed tutorial on my Gemini space and provide the Docker image, if anyone wants to try this resource-minimal approach.


Hope to see you in Gemini space! If you like, reply by posting your gemini:// site

@gabor nice! I setup a similar docker container for gmnisrv with a bit larger image since it's Debian based,

I have a gemini capsule as well and I'll add yours to my gem roll, gemini://

@ecliptik do you think there's a way to get cgi working in a docker-based setup? I haven't figured that out yet... Does it work with your setup?

@gabor I haven't tried cgi in gemini yet. I host mine on and I don't think it offers cgi for hosting unfortunately.

I may give it a go locally at some point. I like the static nature of gemtext in general and haven't really been attracted to making a more dynamic site.

@ecliptik ah yeah, you are right that it shouldn't be the focus. However, I was thinking about making something fun like "quote of the day" that sort of stuff...

@gabor I was thinking something similar and may get to it one day.

I'm assuming for docker it wouldn't be too difficult to get setup. Back in the days of setting up cgi-bin on apache I know there were required modules and some specific settings, but that was all done in config.

I'm assuming the same is true for a gemini server and as long as you bind mount a local volume it should execute scripts.

@ecliptik I haven't been able to crack it yet. I am getting "cgi error" even though the container is perfectly capable of running bash scripts... but I have only tried it with gemserv maybe it works with something else...

@moddedBear I liked your post about Fosstodon. I agree with you completely, I am having a really good time here.

@gabor Thanks! Yeah it's unlike any other social media I've been on. Lots of great people here.

@gabor I have a gemlog over at I didn't post in a long time, I should post again sometime.

@person @gabor molly-brown is also only a couple megabytes.
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