Managed to install MSOffice on Ubuntu using Winapps! Performance is really good, almost seamless. Also had to convert my Linux partition to LVM to be able to extend the root partition and make space for the Windows VM (should have setup LVM in the first place). Was quite a task. If this setup works, I will seriously consider getting rid of my Windows partition for good. :ubuntu:

@gabor good job! Though I'd rather be 100% Free Software, I applaud efforts like this when the proprietary software is wrapped up and essentially sandboxed away from the system, eliminating the need to run an untrusted OS.

For years, fulfilled all my needs for proprietary software (ok, mostly games) and I was able to delete Windows for good since then. Hope it goes well for you as well!

@kzimmermann I absolutely think the same, and I use and self host Collabora Online Office for my own private needs. However, for work-related tasks I can't find a way around MS Office because of compatibility and formatting issues. So I am happy to have found this compromise

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