I noticed today that Element is available again in the Play Store. Anybody know how the story unfolded? Did they have to change something? Promise more content moderation? And how would they even do that?

@blueberry good to see it was resolved relatively quickly. Still this should not be taken lightly. Interruptions and false accusations like this are bad for the reputation of a platform, so Matrix could end up losing (potential) users due to this episode...

@gabor, as I understand, it wasn’t false accusations. Bad people said bad things on, which was dealt with appropriately, but not before Google’s automated system noticed and took action. Now that Matrix has talked with Google about things, I don’t expect it to happen again, but if it does, we can get the pitchforks out then.

@IslandUsurper ok not "false accusations" but a total overreaction then. There is a lot of messed up stuff on FB and YouTube for days before it gets noticed and taken off by content moderation. This is fallout from the whole Parler / Twitter ban business. I think platforms independent of Silicon Valley can expect to be harassed regularly from now on, and problems with "content moderation" will be the pretext. This is a way of choking small competitors (and big ones like Telegram).

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