Follow up to my earlier post on Clubhouse

so I just got a Clubhouse invite from a friend of mine and I managed to join up without owning an iPhone using a Clubhouse client that runs on Docker (thus avoiding some privacy issues outlined in my post, but I may eventually get banned :-) )

As of this moment, I am having difficulty finding any actual content that interests me... We'll see how this works out

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Baerbock wins Green nomination #Superwahljahr2021 German politics, opinionated 

The 40-year-old party chairwoman and pragmatic green politician becomes first ever female chancellorship candidate of her party, promises to be candidate of change. Continued high support for Green party in polls gives her a real shot as Merkel’s successor. In first interview after nomination, Baerbock advocates for hardliner course against Russia and China.

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So, after using Nextcloud for a while and disliking the archival format, my wife wants me to set up something like Mastodon, but just for family communication.

Is it possible to make a private, invitation-only instance that doesn't interoperate with the rest of the world?

Also, is one of the alternative Fedi systems (Plemora, Friendica, etc.) better for this?

We have a decent number of barely computer literate family members across a wide variety of different devices.

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Tutanota is blocked in Russia to stop encrypted communication. We need to fight for privacy around the world. ✊ If you are affected, you can still access Tutanota with @torproject or a vpn.
#privacy #surveillance #russia #censorship #freespeech

Germany's STIKO withdraws recommendation of AstraZeneca shot for people under 60

The newest decision of Germany’s top vaccine agency will almost definitely delay the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany by months.

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I think I will get my grandma on Ubuntu or Mint. The only thing she really does is printing things and surfing the web anyway

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The week in German COVID-19 politics 

This week’s inconsistent pandemic management and communications chaos makes priorities of Merkel government painfully obvious. Interests of commerce and employers take precedence over pandemic control.

#COVID19 #Germany

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First impressions of Lemmy are pretty good. The biggest issue right now is the overabundance of tech/FOSS communities but that can easily change as the platform grows. I've written more detailed thoughts below.


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Wie kann es sein, dass ich davon noch nichts mitbekommen habe?
DNS sperren ohne Gerichtsbeschluss und mit fragwürdiger Neutralität?
Das geht garnicht! Wo ist der Aufschrei?

Ich bin ein Gegner von Piraterie aber solche Regelung gehen garnicht!

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Hello dear academic journal or publisher,

if you wish to spam us about diversity, equality, and similar,

maybe adopt full open access first so people you want to be inclusive of can afford to read the science without other people risking their lives for us to gain access to it.

Yours truly,


aaaah finally solved auto-switching between light and dark mode on my Jekyll site based on user preference using the default "Minima" theme. Was not easy at all, since the theme doesn't include this functionality by default and is very picky about rendering css stylesheets. And there was no help to be found in forums or tutorials. Again, I learned a lot.

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So I finally figured out why I couldn't get any client-side search scripts to work on my Jekyll site... CSP was blocking them 😂

Well, I learned that the hard way!

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German election hype, next episode: 

Gemany’s second most supported Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Party will run on a bold social and climate agenda including doubling of carbon price, no production of combustion engine vehicles after 2030, 45 % tax for incomes over 100 000 EUR, 24 months of parental leave and flexible working hours. No decision over candidacy for chancellor.


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@gabor My understanding is that the "Favorite" button was originally intended to be a "Bookmark", but most people used it as a "Like", "+1" or "Acknowledgement" button, so now there's a new Bookmark button.

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Hallo, a short introduction of myself: I am from germany, interested in , , and . I hope, I will read a lot of interesting topics in the fediverse :-) So I am looking forward enjoying fosstodon 👍

Thank you all for participating. Almost two-thirds only have one account, a clear majority.

I have another newbie question about the difference between "favorite" and "boost".

It is my subjective impression, that people are reserved when it comes to boosting and prefer "favorite". "Favorite", though, does not increase the toot's visibility and only serves as a feedback to the "tooter". Only "boost" will make your post visible in other instances' local timelines. Do I have that right?

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I think there's a real disconnect between those of us who grew up with the web in the West and those accessing it for the first time these days.

It's nothing like what it was. It's a financed device, which allows you to access walled gardens, to perform government-approved actions.

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Ey up,
I heard of Mastodon yesterday from a tweet sent out from my RaspPi bot, telling me that Google had pulled Tusky from Play.

I considered if Google doesn't like it, then it must be worth taking a look 😁

I'm a data scientist, gamer, Linux fan, husband, father, vegan, ex hedonist, recovering Yorkshireman in exile out in the colonies

I'm really impressed by how friendly this place is, and I look forward to contributing to discussions, and understanding what's going on 😋

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